New Glowforge Pro not cutting through and having wobbly engraving

I was so excited to get the Glowforge in today and get to work with it… well, it won’t cut through ProofGrade materials, and it has an inconsistent wobble to the lines that it’s engraving. The engraved lines seem to be cut deeper than the lines set to cut. Not a single line was able to cut through to the other side. Please see the photos attached. These are from 1/3/2020 around 9 pm CST, and I was tinkering with the settings trying to see if I could get it to cut through… nothing seemed to work. I think it might have been damaged in transit.

Did you use the blue ring magnet, take the lens out and reseat it in the head? Maybe it moved. Just a thought.

Or was installed backwards.

What does the back of the sheet of wood look like?

Might be a slightly loose belt under the laser arm, from that wobble. There are instructions for tightening the tension in the belt here:


Actually it’s supposed to move, that’s how it focuses. But I agree, those cut lines look like the lens could be in upside-down.

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So I have come back and tried to laser the metric gift of good measure item.

On inspection the lens is installed correctly, but there looked to be something wrong with it that I’ll get to here in a moment.

Continuing on, I have tried this cut 3 times now. once with just the lens getting a wipe down, that produced much cleaner lines but didn’t cut all the way through.

then once with wiping the window and then running the cut part of the file 2 times. This finally made the object and freed it from the medium draft board.

Finally I decided to wipe down the mirror and I had discovered that it’s all smudged up. This is the first time that the area that was cut started to make its way through to the other side and I started to see dots poking out through to the other side where it had tried to cut.

So I decided to inspect the lens one last time and try and see what was up with it. It appears that the lens has two little cracks near the side of the lens. They are hard to get a picture of, I tried to get one anyway, but I wonder how much better the cuts would be if it had a new lens in it.

I can’t really see the cracks, but that is definitely something that support will need to address. They can get you set up with a replacement lens.

You might want to check over all of the optical components and provide pictures for support to take a look at. There are several windows to clean, and if your mirror was smudgy, you might want to check all of them so that if there is anything else, they can take care of it at the same time.

There are pictures here of what to wipe/check.

While you are waiting, you can check these out. (I would not try to run the machine again with a cracked lens in it.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.