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Hi Everyone,
I am new to Glowforge and I have had my Glowforge Pro for about 3 months and I am yet to really use it. I would like to use it to make some extra income (any suggestions) on what to try? Anyway I have been asked to be a sub vender can anyone tell me what’s that about and how does that work any help would be most appreciated.

Hey welcome.

A quick google:


Subvendor Definition | Law Insider.

Which says:

Subvendor means an individual, firm, partnership or corporation having a direct contract with the Vendor or another Subvendor to perform a part or parts of the Work.

Which is a lot of words to say that you would be working on contract basis, I think?

As for how to make extra money on your glowforge, that’s a broad question, and one that you’ll mostly have to read between the lines to get at your answer. We can make all kinds of vague suggestions, but the gist is “do something with your laser that people will pay for”, which can mean all kinds of things – making seasonal gifts, engraving customized products, design and test new creations, and then sell the digital designs instead of the products, etc. I would suggest getting clever with your search here, like searching for “client”. It’s a sneaky way to see what people are doing for customers:

or maybe customer:

and there have been lots of threads about how to charge for your work, search for “pricing”:

It’s a lot to read, but this is your livelihood, so a little investment seems reasonable here. There’s no magical shortcut, there comes a point where you just gotta get a snack and a drink, sit down, and study up :slight_smile: Hopefully it’s at least a little fun… good luck!


I was thinking about opening up a tattoo parlor, with My glowforge pro, I think there is good money in instant tattoos, I am still trying to figure out how to fit a torso in there…

Good luck!



You laugh, but as usual… search is your friend:

People, man.


OMG LOL!!! :crazy_face: :rofl: :nerd_face:


Hey Thanks a million great information.

Oh hey since you’re a new user, you might like this post too:

It’s full of all sorts of stuff that new users might like.

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My wife and I have made joke about this too! :laughing:

@evansd2 No bueno. That looks sooo painful. My wife and I both have a handful of tattoos but i cant imagine having them burned in.

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That’s insane!!

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