New Graphic Setting Too Dark?



The new Graphic and Dark Graphic settings are here and with the Light and Dark Engrave settings expiring soon I figured I’d give the Graphic settings a try.

The Dark Graphic seems fine but the Graphic setting is almost just as dark. It’s not as deep of an engrave, but definitely way too much on the darker side of things. I excepted these to be similar in shading as the Light and Dark Engraving but its not.

I know I could’ve customized the settings, but just choosing those Proofgrade settings can be a time saver. And while I do believe the Dark Graphic is fine, I think there could be a setting for Light Graphic and change the current Graphic to Medium Graphic and lighten it up a bit.

You can see from the image below how dark it is… I’m using the Maple Plywood here.

For reference… the outside of the diamond back, the basketball and the inner feathers and beak are all using the Graphic setting while the rest is the Dark Graphic setting.


I agree and have you noticed a time difference using the new vs old settings? Last night I went to run a small job and at first used dark graphic and it listed a run time of 1h21m, but when I went back and changed it to dark engrave it dropped just about in half to 39m.


All the settings not just speed were changed for the new selections. For example the old Score provided an extremely thin line. The new score is slower and at lower power. It produces a wider line. Like it a lot better.


Have you tried using gray instead of black? Or lighter gray?


The old engrave options had an automatic selection of 340LPI. The new engrave settings have an LPI of 450.

And the new Proofgrade engrave speed selections are 500 and 600 for graphic and photo, respectively. Whereas speed was 1,000 for the old light/dark engrave.


I did use gray colors but this was with an svg so I don’t think it matters… the grayscale thing only works with photos right?


The vary power setting only works with rasterized images, and then it’s just used to vary power between shades of gray. It’s all just speed and power. If you want a bit lighter for your tastes, make the PG selection, switch to manual, and speed it up a bit.


Right… but I’m almost always using vectors.


i agree that the plain graphic setting could be lighter.

If these are here to stay, I need to play with manual variations of these new settings. Those new engrave speeds of 500 & 600 are frustratingly slow. I love using PG and the ease of PG settings, but man…engraves now take forever. :frowning:


So we have to agree that “too dark/light” is completely subjective, right? So I think it’s a matter of dialing in your personal preference for every material, :proofgrade: or not. I realize that today’s settings may be different from what we’re used to (I haven’t noticed), but it is what it is. I think it’s okay that some of us may want to tweak :proofgrade: settings to our own unique tastes. Granted that’ll be a lot easier to do if they ever let us save settings per material.


Thanks for the feedback - I really appreciate your opinions! I’ll take a look at the settings.