New here, how to I "ungroup" text?

I’m new to Glowforge…and I have a premium membership, but I can’t “ungroup” the text, that feature along with several others is grayed out inhibiting me from being able to use the function. Why?

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The text feature in premium allows users to add text and manipulate it in several ways. It does not, however, ungroup the individual letters. You can simply add the text in individual segments as you wish. You can add individual letters and move each letter as you desire.

Perhaps you could share a screenshot of your interface so we can see what you wish to manipulate and the other features you wish to use that aren’t available.


But it’s not an individual letter I’m attempting to “ungroup”, it’s the letters in a word I’m trying to move. So, I want to cut out the word Easter. I want the letters to be connected, so if I could move the E closer to the aster, that’s what I’m attempting to do. Any suggestions?

You will need to choose a premium font that has all of the letters connected, or use an outside program such as Cuttle ( or Inkscape to manipulate the text as you describe.


You can make it two pieces of text and move the E closer, Or there is some ability to Kern in the Premium text setup as well as curve, angle, etc. but it takes a bit of playing with.

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Make a separate “E” and a separate “aster” so you can move them independently?


Yes, thank you. But I still don’t understand why the features are not usable with my premium membership.

The premium subscription offers the ability to quickly add text, but the interface is not a vector design program.


Text that you make in the interface isn’t ungroupable - it’s not a feature that anyone has, premium or not.

If you want the E to not cut out separately from the aster, you will need to “weld” the two phrases together. The Premium Glowforge software does not currently have a weld feature (you could do this in Cuttle, Illustrator, Inkscape, Affinity Design, etc), but you can kind of fake it by placing the E and the aster close together, selecting them both, and choosing the Outline function (it looks like a mountain on the right hand menu bar). Choose a distance of zero instead of the default 1/4”.


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