New items - Leather Bags!

I’m loving this machine!! New leather bags!!!


Love those!


Terrific stuff!


Simple and great looking! Great stuff!


These are great!


Great little bags with good engravings.


That’s one of the things I’m afraid to attempt - leather. Great job!


Nice–cute bag/wristlet shape & desings–like them being more in the corner, too!
I’ve been loving engraving various leathers I use for many of my bags & other goods too.

But I’m curious if you’re washing the soot out of the etched areas? They look so dark I have to ask. You don’t want customers or gift recipients or yourself to get soot on their fingers when they handle the bag! I use a soft tooth brush with bit of mild soap & tap water–the soap grabs the soot, and doesn’t take more than a few seconds. But do test–if the leather doesn’t do well drying after getting surface wet, then test with some masking (painters) tape to pull the soot out–but also test that, as it many finishes don’t like being taped, or require bit of mink oil & rubbing to restore…



Yes, usually I blow it out (with air duster), then I use a damp paper towel to blot out any soot, then brush it with a soft horsehair brush. Until no more soot to touch. I find certain leathers come out dark.

I’d love to see some of your creations!!:blush:


What kind of leather? Is it Veg or Chrome tanned?

Really nice bags.


Thanks! It’s some Italian leather I had (not veg tan) but I don’t know if it was chrome tan (maybe?) I’m not sure??

Thank you for the response.
If its Italian leather it’s probably chrome.

What kind of settings are you using?

I just used the thin leather glowforge settings. But I want to try different settings (on different leathers). I just used the default because it was first projects!

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Chrome tan may be dangerous to your machine and cause corrosion.
May need to check into how they are processed.

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Chrome tanned leather doesn’t laser as well as veg or brain tanned leathers but it is not typically harmful to the laser.

Did you come across something that suggested that’s no longer the case and formulations are now releasing chemicals (like chlorine) that are harmful?

It seems to be the standard warning for Chrome Tanned leather in laser machines for Maker Space and here in the forum. It isn’t recommended for breathing either (and most people don’t wear a mask to run their laser). While I have seen multiple arguments here (and I am not wanting to get into one right now), I have not seen anything definitively state that chrome tanned leather is perfectly harmless in the GF for both user and machine.

Thanks! I’m now hearing that. I’ll be getting some veg tan to try. I just tried my first project with what I had. Maybe I’ll have to use the Italian leather for some bags and use veg tan for the ones I laser. I appreciate any help and input (since I’m new to all this). :blush:


There’s plenty of discussion here and elsewhere - some leathers cut better than others, but there’s no reason not to try chrome-tanned, and plenty of people have successfully.

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Thanks! It came out really nice! I just want to try some veg tan next, I’ve seen some other projects that look amazing (with all different kinds of leathers).

I was wondering what everyone uses to seal/finish the leather after laser engraving? Does anyone have suggestions??? Help!! Lol! :joy:

Correct. Unless you’re venting inside so you’re breathing it :yum:

Most Makerspaces don’t like it because it smells like dead people. (Not that veg smells that much better.)