New laser wont connect

My main machine broke, i have a refurb running and my brand new back up will not connect. So far ive tried:

2.4 GHZ check
Shutdown all machines
Restarted internet
Tried on chrome
Tried a different source of internet
Updated internet browser
Checked preferences on internet

Still nothing. I am able to see the glowforge on my list of waifi sources, it connects amd then the web browser doesnt respond meaning it doesnt connect.

I am super nervous that my one machine will bust on me leaving me with no machines functioning.

Try setup using a different device, like a smartphone.

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Okay great. Will try this tonight. Didnt try that.


Didnt work on any device or internet. May be a dud.

That may be. We can probably rule out a wifi issue as the other machine is connected and running. I assume you’ve sent all this info to support?

Sorry for the hassle. Moving these machines around is no small task…

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