New machine making a noise

I just received my new GF today. I went through the setup and it started making a noise from the left side. I checked to make sure I didn’t leave any foam or anything else in it (clean). I also turned off the internal fan ( I installed an inline). It looks and sounds to me like it’s coming from the pump on the left side. Could it be that the reservoir is dry and this the pump is dry?
Frustrating to get something new and it not work……
Also, the tube never bubbles when I first turned it on.

Normally any bubbles come out and do not return, If it bubbles you have a serious problem. Without bubbles, you should not be able to tell there is even fluid there much less see it moving.

It is hard to talk about a sound without hearing it. If you can record the sound and post it in a zip file someone might hear something other than what they are supposed to.

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And just a comment, the GF is a pretty loud machine…

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Does it actually not work? (Did you try the first cut in the tutorial?)

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It is best to presume that the new machine is working perfectly and ask about what you do not understand than to presume from the start that it is a piece of junk. It is a very complex machine but with at least 47,000 machines out there (many owners have more than one) the number of complainers is very small even on Facebook, and Glowforge is very generous in warranty exchanges often with damage or maladjustment caused by user ignorance or nothing wrong at all.


Here is what I’m getting when I do a test print …

Can you post a pic of your settings during this test print? Sometimes the power gets bumped to 1 which won’t show up. Have you printed the gift of good measure? That’s the best test to see if it’s working as it goes through all the things the GF does.

Was your shipping box or the GF interior wet when you unpackaged it?

have you email support? please do so show them your images. normally glowforge is pretty loud thats normal and so are the bubbles once they go away you wont see them again.

were u able to print your first piece yet?

I’m not the op.

Yes, I emailed them and called and left a message.
No, I was not able to print my first piece. Everything ran normal, but no laser.

No, it was not wet. There is fluid in the tube.

Well that’s good news. In your first video it does sound odd to me but I have no idea what could make that sound. In the second video it sounds normal. Did you double check the power had not defaulted to 0?

The power in the settings of the item I was cutting?

Yeah, just make sure it’s still set at a number that will leave a mark on your material.

What I was doing involved cutting. It was set to full power and nothing.

Ah ok so the power was not the problem. Others on here have had it reset the power to 1 or something really low and then go through the motions without actually doing anything.

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