New machine malfunctions need help please

Wow - I am so disappointed! I recd my glowforge pro and followed all the set up instructions. The lid is racked - I have to push it to the side to get it to close and it still doesn’t close all the way. Also I have tried printing a test print on the provided proofgrade material 4 times now- it doesn’t cut thru the material and doesn’t even etch the masking paper in some places. I have no less than 4 emails in to support in over 24 hours with no response except an automated reply. Talk about over promise and under deliver! I’m sooooo very disappointed! This seems inexcusable but especially for this price point! Has anyone else experienced this and how did you remedy this?

I’m so sorry you’re off to such a disappointing start with your new Glowforge. Since you did receive an automated reply to one of your emails, that means that they are aware of your issue and will get back to you as soon as your turn in the queue comes up. Sending multiple emails will only slow their response time down since they have to coordinate them all into one support ticket. The lid not being flush is something that many of us know how to deal with. I’ve had my Glowforge for over 4 years now and long ago put a ‘shim’ under one corner of the case and moved it until the lid was flush. The cases are injection molded plastic and have some flex to them, so what you’re seeing is not a bad thing…just try the shim. I know someone in support will contact you soon.


Thank you- I will wait and see if I can even get the laser to work before I put too much more work into this but I do appreciate your help!


Yes, like @Xabbess said. The lid is racked because the GF is not on a perfectly flat surface. Your eye would not be able to tell. Just shim a corner with sheets of paper until the lid is equal on both sides and it closes well. You can slightly lift each corner to find which one needs shimming. The unit is assembled on a special flat table. None of our counters, tables or benches are perfectly flat.


Can pretty well guarantee that the unit worked as advertised when it was boxed up. But FedEx and UPS are not known to handle fragile items well. Something could have been knocked out of alignment. Could be a couple operator issues but not likely to be lack of power. Support sometimes takes more than a day to get back to you but you will be made whole.


I do appreciate your reply.(Although I wish Glowforge was equally responsive!- maybe you should get some kickbacks from them as you have been more supportive already). I figured it was a calibration issue but for the price, prompt support to even get the machine running seems reasonable.

The :glowforge: is SO much cheaper than equivalent lasers with 24/7 response - and we love them for it. There are way cheaper lasers, but those you have to constantly refocus and the like - from the sounds of it that’s not where you want to be! That being said, they generally respond within 24 business hours, but as we’ve just gotten into a long weekend it’ll likely be Tuesday before you get a response from a staffer.

Shimming is definitely your first step. If you take some pictures and post them here we can help more specifically with where you’d want to shim - if you need that help. Once that’s done it’s likely your issue with cutting will also go away, so once you get the lid opening and closing smoothly run the Gift of Good Measure and let us know how it’s going!


Again I appreciate YOUR reply but it doesn’t solve the problem! I have printed the good measure item 4 times now! It doesnt even etch thru the tape much less begin to cut the wood! The fact that no one on this forum can help (and a few other similar posts) also leads me to believe that this unit needs to be replaced-why cant someone have started this process with me? Why wait a week to have this sit in my work space to even tell me this? Is this their business model? Is this what they promised during their funding campaign? If so why not say that when we sign up to buy -“by the way it will often be over a week before we respond to your request for help” -then I atleast know what Im in for!
I purchased this because my teenaged niece has been harassed severely in the past several months. In planning how to respond we decided a line of products designed by her and others as an anti bullying campaign would be good use of our energy! When the forge arrived we were excited for the first time in a while only to feel neglected now!!! How sad!! In addition I am a pediatric physical therapist and agreed to work extra shifts to help pay for this so for the next month (starting after the Holiday) I have little free time to help launch this-so Glowforge’s delays (waaaay over 24 hours in response time-as the unit arrived Wed) are mounting complications exponentially! Although this unit is cheaper than others it doesnt seem that this is good customer support regardless of price!

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I just received a new GF as well, which isn’t working, But I think it was mishandled by UPS, not the fault of the company at all, we ‘lucked out’ and got the new units right before a 4 day holiday.

nothing to do but stare at the sexy laser and dream of projects, till Tuesday.


Understood that shipping co MAY be responsible but failure to reply in a timely fashion rests solely on glowforge!!!

well Nothing (we) can do till Tuesday, But a suggestion, take the lens out from the laser and re-insert it, (use the tool provided) the blunt trauma may have moved it out of position, that may fix the issue…


Yes thank you we did that already-no helpbit thanks

Hi @mannonmotion. I apologize for this delayed response, but wanted to get a quick update out to you that we have also received your emails and actively troubleshooting the print issues. To avoid any potential confusion or miscommunication, I am going to close this Community thread so we can continue any troubleshooting through a single thread. Thank you.