New Machine - Mirror Missing from Print Head

Set up last night and tried my first print. Used draftboard and did the fisr suggested print. It looked like it was printing on my device but when I went to the glowforge nothing was happening. The head was moving all around but nothing was showing on the material. Not a scratch on the draftboard…Not a dot not a line. Nothing. Help?

Was the laser tube lighting up as it was running through the process? You might want to remove the ribbon cable and look in to make sure no pins are bent and then reseat it. Also might want to check that the settings weren’t at full speed and power of 1

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Yes…it seemed to be doing it. This is my first time with anything like this so I’m a total newbie.

I just redid the print try. It did the same thing. Looked like it was printing but in was just moving through the motions. Nothing printed or cut or scored or scratched anything.

Check the mirror under the cover in the head, and make sure the windows and lens are in place. If the tube is firing, the laser is getting stopped somewhere.

Is there a picture somewhere that I can check against? I’m not sure what is supposed to look like

Yup… I would uninstall the head. With the unit off:

The top of the head is held on by magnets and removable. You’ll want to make sure that the mirror in the head is situated as indicated in this support page:

If that looks ok, I would go ahead and disconnect the ribbon cable that attaches to the head. Take a good look at the pins that are on the connector, and take a picture of them (just in case). If that looks good to go, you can reinstall the ribbon cable, letting it click into place, by performing these instructions again:

And to clarify, you could see a glow coming from your Glowforge - inside the tube? You should see it light up under higher power operations, like cuts, or high-powered engraves.

You can kind of see it in this video:


Will do


How do you remove the mirror to clean? The pictures show a blue tool thing. I don’t seem to have another blue tool other than the on in the photo.

Your mirror is missing.

What? Missing? Is it something I had to unpack?

Nope, you’ll need to wait for support - that was assembled incorrectly. It’s not going to work without a mirror.

(And that lens looks funny.)

Wonderful…how do you contact support?

You already did by opening this ticket in the P&S area. As soon as they see it, they’ll chime in.

Thanks and sorry…my newness is showing

No problem. All you can do now is unplug it and wait. (Don’t try to use it without the mirror again.)

They’ll get you fixed up as soon as they can. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s no consolation but I think you’re the first person to report a missing mirror that I’ve seen. So you can at least claim that! :slight_smile:

Sorry, that’s got to be a letdown.


Yes I think one was installed upside down, so the mirror or the head must be swapped after the final test.