New Material Holder


To Start things off, I did not think of this but merely revised it to work with my needs (Original Post: Simple Material Holder )

So I liked the design in thee above post but wanted something thin enough to put on bowed thin material and just a bit sleeker.

The holder uses tha same magnets as the first but replaces the need for glue with :proofgrade: veneer, it holds amazingly strong and looks nice with the acrylic I used, also I have yet to put glue on them cause the little tabs touching the sticky veneer are pretty solid. !


Design: (cut the more solid items with veneer) (1.1 KB)


ok, pictures are good now! (mumbles… stupid usb cable)


also just fixed issue with the file


This is fantastic!


tyvm, again, I did not make the base design so pls dont give me all the cred (dont want to try to make it seem like I stealing his idea) just thought i’d make a bit prettier v2.


BTW, would love to see any other designs or takes with colors or what not! (a little part of me wants to engrave the two spots on top with the gf logo or something.)


Thank you for the file.


How about the truetech000 logo? :smile:


Well… That’s not a bad idea. (iGor… Pull the switch!)