New metric ruller and gop has not populated

I’ll stick this here as if it happens to me I’m sure others are affected.

We were all (owners) supposed to get updated rulers and mini rulers in metric but despite reloading, restarting and going all the way to the bottom, they have not shone up. If someone could push these through for me I’d be grateful as I am always looking for ways to use smallish scrap.

Thanx SO much

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Point of reference: mine appeared up at the top as if I’d just uploaded them.


Just logged into the app and had to accept the updated TOS. Once I did that, the page refreshed and the metric items automagically appeared at the top of the list.


Thanx @markwal and @dwardio, done all that.

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Okay, if someone pushed them through thanx, if not they decided to show up just now.


Thanks for the follow up! I’m glad the designs made it to your account!