New Mexican Glowforgers


I’m loaded up for a drive to New Mexico tomorrow and thought I’d check out the Glowforger map. Y’all in New Mexico are pretty funny.

Frickin laser beams!
More laserbeams!


Is your time in New Mexico a vacation? What part of the state are you planning to visit?


I’m just hanging out in the north west corner wishing for a reason to drive to Albuquerque(other than Glowforge).


Bit south of Abq here. I think we have someone in Santa fe and Alamogordo as well, but not sure if those guys are active in the forum.


How do you have a map with Glowforge owners?
is that on the main website?


Completely voluntary and not an official Glowforge map:


nice, I guess I will be the only one in Huntington Beach lol…


Partially vacation. My cousin is moving back to Ruidoso area so I pulled a trailer up for her today. Left my place at 5am, 130 miles to her place to load a trailer, and then up here at 10mtn/11cst. Long day! Figured I’d stay a week or so and do a little exploring.

I’ve spent a little time camping near Cloudcroft and loved it, so I’m sure I can find something cool up this way :slight_smile:


Cloudcroft is beautiful, one of our favorite summertime camping locations. We have found lots of great fossils while camping in Cloudcroft, so keep on a lookout if you hike.

There is a solar observatory on the top of the mountain overlooking Alamogordo which is a nice visit if you have not been yet.


It is so weird to see these cities come up in this forum. I graduated from Alamogordo in 1980.

Many memories about Alamogordo, Cloudcroft and Ruidoso…


White sands at a full moon night is quite magical as well.


I swear I still have sand in my pockets from 21 years ago.


Ahhhhh… .
I just love New Mexico :smile:


I think they call it Sunspot? I tried to visit last time I was here but they weren’t open. Actually - if I recall, they have a specialized solar observatory and a general astronomical observatory.

I’ve become slightly obsessed with the Monjeau Lookout (firewatch tower) at Monjeau Point just north of Ruidoso. I spent the better half of today there after scoping it out late yesterday afternoon.

Here’s a couple of images from today:


Those colors don’t even look real. :star_struck:


The American Southwest is so photogenic. I’ve got tons of great photos. Envying you–I’ve never been in that particular place.


Great photos - what amazing light and colors!


When you drive from Alamogordo to Cloudcroft, there is the only tunnel in the State of New Mexico.

As you drive up to it, everything around you and behind you is desert like (bland, washed out, arid, basically western movie wilderness).

BUT, once you go through the tunnel, suddenly the world transforms to those pictures and you swear you have been teleported to a different state.

Even in winter, you would go snow tubing in Cloudcroft (Riudoso had the nearest ski area - which was staffed and run by Apache Indians).


Great description!

Cloudcroft now has the southernmost ski lodge in the US!

I guess I shouldn’t tell @Jules about the temps and that I was actually wearing a jacket there for a while. :grin:


Wow, lovely view and spectacular photos!