New orders (March 15) delayed already?

Hi, I ordered yesterday. Received an email stating the Pro would be delivered in only 10 days! Today, I check status and it says shipping July 2018. What gives/ What is accurate? Doesn’t seem legal to advertise on thing, collect money, then pull a switch, and I REALLY hope this organization is better than that.

You’re in the US correct? If not, then they shouldn’t have sent you a 10 day email. The status algorithm is an algorithm, so there could be a bug in it. A couple days ago Dan stated they had Pros for shipping to the US in inventory, so unless there was a rush and they ran out, I would bet on some sort of mixup.

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Sorry but it isn’t. Some people who ordered in Sept 2015 have shipping dates in July.

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International orders will ship as soon as clearance is received for Glowforge to ship to your country, and they have a program that calculates when they believe that will be.

(There are a few Pro units available now for delivery within ten days but those are for US delivery.)

I’m sorry, that sounds like a misunderstanding. You do get to take advantage of the PreRelease pricing though if you used a referral link, so you might decide it’s worth waiting for.

If not, you can cancel the order and take a chance on what the price will be when they finally go full-bore public, probably sometime in July.

In U.S. it’s 10 days for a new Pro order. The Basic is June 2018. International it depends on the country.

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Oh, is Basic delayed until June in the US too? Just those few Pro units then, I didn’t realize. :neutral_face:

The Basic is delayed, but the OP ordered a Pro.

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Okay, then if he’s in the US, it proabably is something the system wasn’t set up to handle.

Did you also order a filter, by any chance?

I thought the special pricing only works with a referral link, not just from ordering off the website. Did the OP use a referral for this purchase?

I am in Canada and I did get the email. Leaning towards cancelling and get a more industrial machine, like a Muse.

Yeah, I’ll cancel. I’ll accept it is an error, but these are very smart people running this place so…Thanks for the reply.

Yes I did. And it knew I was in Ontario as it stated proudly We Ship to Ontario. Seriously, I would not have ordered it with a July delivery, and I jumped through hoops to get it paid on the only option of credit card, like a show pony. Not Impressed with organization, concerned what happens in 5 years if machine only works on wifi. What if company not around?

Yes, I did.

Any idea of process to cancel order? Email support is very very slow, no phone number where you can actually talk to someone, red flags all over really.

Sadly, they do not yet have the personnel available to man a phone line. The email method works very well though, although there’s a few days delay for the banks to process the order refund. You should see the refund within ten business days or so.

Just send the email to . Sorry you won’t get to try one out, but I understand.

(Unless you want to make arrangements to pick it up in the US, which several of our Canadian members have done.)

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Last I heard, it sounded like the Muse was released too early and was going through a lot of growing pains. Not trying to dissuade you, just recommending that you check on them before making a purchase.


That’s likely to end badly. “Industrial” as in robust & capable is not how Muse owners (especially early ones) would characterize the machine.

If you really think you’d prefer a Muse, you ought to wait until this summer when Dremel comes out with their rebadging & reworking of the Muse (they’ve bought rights to build and sell them under the Dremel name and as of last fall were already making some significant improvements in the FSL Muse hardware. At least with Dremel you’ll get a company that focuses on ease of use, innovation and customer support. FSL, not so much.


thanks for the info, I think my comment was a tad contradictory. I had a huge 4 foot by 8 foot Camtech machine that I used for close to 18 years, just sold the company and machine. When I said industrial I was thinking Univeral, Vytek or a Muse, thanks for the Dremel info, interesting.

That’s on my wish list (or at least a similar one with that size) :grinning:

I’d put Universal, Trotec, Epilog, etc in the industrial category. Faster, well supported, quality construction and very capable machines. FSL tends not to be in that league and definitely not with the Muse. Dremel should change all that as they’ve done with the 3D printers they’ve sourced and rebadged (with some reengineering). They aren’t willing to take some of the shortcuts FSL took on the build quality & support side. Their distribution is likely to expand as well - won’t be surprised to see them in Home Depot’s :grinning: