New owner -Webstaurant board settings

Hi everyone! I’m a brand new owner to my glowforge so I’m learning a bit! I have a handful of cutting boards from Webstaurant and was wondering if anyone could help me with the settings if they’ve ever worked with this specific board. Thank you so much for your help! I’m excited to get to it!

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Welcome to the forum.

Your best bet, as a new user, is read as much of the forum as you can. Your cutting boards will have to be engraved without the honeycomb tray in place. You will have to understand how to elevate the surface to be engraved so that it is within range of the 1/2" focus of the Glowforge lens. You will want to understand the best way to align you file on an irregular shaped item like the cutting board.

You are interested in settings. I see that the product is rubberwood and searching the forum for rubberwood resulted in a post that may be helpful to you. Help! What is the best way to do a test engrave


No experience with this, but per the description it’s rubberwood:

so this may help!

and the post below it:


Thank you guys so much!!


I find the best results with the choice brand ones is using 700 speed and 60 power. For the American Metalcraft ones I usually do speed of 500 and power at 45. LPI is 270 for both.


Thank you!! I really appreciate it! I will do a few tests on one! :hugs::hugs:

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No problem! I have a plus membership with them so I get a lot of stuff from there. For a while I had fun going through webstaurant and finding everything possible to be able to fit in the glowforge. They have tons of options. Always happy to share my settings.


I have done 100 or so of this exact same board and these are my settings for bitmap/JPG engraving. I had two colors, so one is for the light color, and the other for the dark. The difference between the colors is very subtle and there’s a lot of adjustments that could be made to achieve more contrast, but these setting can get you started.


You’re amazing thank you!

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