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I just ordered the glowforge basic a couple days ago, anxiously awaiting its arrival! I’m wanting to purchase proof grade materials ahead of time so I will have it when the machine is delivered but cannot seem to find a website to buy from! Any and all suggestions are very much appreciated! Also, if you don’t mind telling me what kind of table you use I would love some ideas on what will hold the glowforge and the materials best! Thanks!


Once you get your machine, and set it up, you will see a link to the Glowforge store at the top of the app page. I’m not sure if only kickstarters were the only ones to get any proofgrade with the machine. Also, Glowforge has partnered with JoAnns, but it’s still in beta so proofgrade is only available at one store. But hopefully more stores in the future.Capture


Welcome to the Glowforge community! You can’t really go wrong on any of the proofgrade materials. I would recommend the medium walnut and maple, they are both great and go well together.

For a table, check out this thread. I ended up going with one from Amazon and it works great.

Here is the one I bought:

You may also want to get some strong magnets to hold your wood down. It is really a must because without them, the wood can warp and not cut through all the way. There are also hold down pins but I haven’t had much luck with those (they break, and don’t hold as well). You can find what people are using by searching with the magnifying glass. There is a ton of info to wade through, and it can be overwhelming! But you can find a lot out just by searching. (Don’t be afraid to ask here either).

Also, here is a great place to start. Check out this info:


There are dozens of threads discussing the tables folk used. I have Loews plastic shelving with a plank of foam PVC to keep everything flat but that is pretty minimalist. IKEA and IKEA hacks are frequently posted with an assortment of sources folk have tried and work.

Storing the wood is more problematic as it is best laid flat and so many shallow shelves work best. The drawers used for maps or Architectural drawings work well if they are handy, but there are many examples you can find here with a bit of search.


For a table I’m using an metal filing cabinet like this Lateral File. They constantly show up on Craigslist/Freecycle/office liquidations - and the drawers are big enough for the large proofgrade laying flat :slight_smile:


I am using a Goodwill desk. I would suggest something with a little mass to it since the head travelling back and forth can set up a rhythmic wobble. Also if you have a Habitat for Humanity Restore nearby you can get some tiles, flooring, etc.


Makes zero sense that I have to wait for the machine to get here then wait again for materials to be delivered🤦‍♀️Maybe I’m just feeling impatient lol Thanks for your response!

You’ll receive a sample pack along with the machine.

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A fair warning, after receiving your machine and materials you will almost certainly have many opportunities to deal with the company. What makes sense to you will often be in conflict with what makes technical, financial, or legal sense to the them. Easier if you just assume it is what it is. They won’t cheat you, but won’t change either.


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