New paint rack for miniature paints

I’ve posted about this before, but I have since revised them, and today to just release them for free. I’ve posted the designs and source code for making my lasercut Reaper/Vallejo/Warcolour/Army Painter paint racks:

I love these racks, and I figure other people might love having them too. This is the second version of this design, and it just overall works a lot better.

The designs include 3x10, 4x10, 5x10 and 6x10 racks, but the openscad source can be altered to make a rack for any number of droppers X by Y.


How very kind of you—thanks!

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This is so great! I ended up buying a nail polish rack for my paints where I don’t have my glowforge yet

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Wow. Thank you. We are planning on making a new worker space and these will be added to my plans.

Thanks for the awesome share!

Oh, I never thought about horizontal storage. This is a clever idea!

These are really nice. I have cut several out to organize my paints.

A few suggestions.

  1. The instructions say to cut 2 “Side 2”. I have been using 4 to provide better stability
  2. The cut outs on “Side” make it look really nice but are completely unnecessary. As a result, you could save cutting material if you designed the cut outs in “Side” to be “Side 2”. The “Side 2” parts fit perfectly within the space of the “Side” cutout.
  3. My download of the 5x10, all of the files appear to be at slightly less than 1/4th scale. While easy to fix in Inkscape as all the nx10 are the same width. It was a little hassle.

Thanks for the great design.