NEW Plague Doctor's Mask

It’s not finished yet (eyepieces and head straps) but I couldn’t wait to share this. I give you my plague doctor’s mask. EDIT: added a photo of the finished piece.

I used a pattern from Dieselpunk . Really cool!

It’s a 5/6 ounce veg tan dyed and antiqued. All hand stitched via saddle stitching and a cross stitch along the beak top and bottom.


Very timely now that there are discussions about everyone wearing masks when out an about. Looks great.


Can’t wait to see it finished! I’ve got some extra leather lying around, I might have to check out their patterns.


I just bought that one, and a couple of his other designs. Time to learn leatherworking!


This may be the design to get me into leatherworking…Nice!


Crazy Train Days are here, which means you can actually wear it on the street without looking out of place.


Very well done. A few questions about process…

Your color work is really good. Care to expand on your technique there?

Same for your brass embellishments.

Do you have an estimate of how long the project phases took you?

How did you do the stitching, did you use any specific tools?


Very nice, but the real question is: does it work?


Looks so cool! Excellent skills, as always!

I used one of his patterns last year to make a halloween costume. The patterns are great!

Good job on this one. It turned out very nice.

Those patterns look fun. Am I a terrible person for wanting to go shopping at Publix in this:


Not at all. Unless I’m also a terrible person. :wink:


I can totally see me riding my Harley like a bat out-a Hades with that on … :rofl:

It doesn’t help that I am also a leather worker and a huge fan of that Etsy shop. Outstanding patterns and instructions

Great work! Now I want one! @Andy_Mock I’m guessing you traced the pattern into some software…did you alter the pattern at all? I was thinking you might have altered the stitch holes.

I would imagine you could get to the front of the line to get your Easter ham because people would either fear or stand in awe…


That one is fantastic! Definitely on my “make this” list!

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It’s not designed to be a real filter for anything by any means. But it totally looks cool!

I suppose one could wear this over a filter mask and have the best of both worlds.


Heh heh. I’m sure you knew I was joking, but just in case…


Really great looking piece.

For anyone thinking they might like to try making something like this, there are quite a few designs available on Instructables. Some adapt to cutting on the laser with very little effort.

The quality of the end product will depend on your skill more than the design - as evidenced by the OP’s work here!


I just did one of those two weeks ago myself. You did a much better job on yours though, very nicely done! I haven’t done much with leather other than one or two very basic projects and it shows in my mask. I screwed up the stitching a few times. I modified my version so that everything was stitched together as I did not have any rivets to work worth. My son liked it and promptly took it as his own! Walking through the local Safeway with it will get you some peculiar looks for sure!