New Premium perks & a new Proofgrade setting: 1/29/21 Latest Improvements


Some awesome goodies there–thanks!

This is not showing on my premium account. When will it be released?

Very cool and good!

Is this feature showing on your machine?

They don’t put out these announcements until its already been released so you should see it. First, when you select an item do you see the outline and flip menu, and just the stamp is not there - or are you missing the entire menu?

Create a post in P&S specifying what it is you’re missing, and with a screenshot of your GFUI with an item selected. A staff member will be able to get you fixed up quickly!

OMG!!! I don’t know which is better, the stamp feature or DXF files! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!


Exciting stuff!

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So excuse me for being an idiot, but what is a dfx file and what can you do with it?

It’s an old file format Autodesk invented and then made public domain. Almost every 3D design app and most drawing and 2D design apps can read or write the format. Unfortunately it is virtually the lowest common denominator of file formats due to its age and its ubiquitous nature in the industry. It preceded inexpensive powerful PCs so it takes shortcuts to represent some things - like curves. Instead of the complex math that’s necessary to represent a curve as a smooth vector it creates lots of tiny little segments to approximate the shape of the curve. All of the line segments contain 2 nodes to define the starting and ending points. You can end up with thousands of nodes in a drawing. That’s okay when you’re drawing something out or printing it but CAD machines (like the GF) has to account for everyone of the starts/ends of those little line segments with motion control plans. The GF has been known to fail to render designs with lots of nodes.

SVG has generally supplanted its use except for those with some software or professional need for DFX. SVG was defined after the advent of powerful PCs and so does things in math for vectors that DFX only approximates.


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