New Premium Perks: Sell your designs in the Glowforge Catalog; Print on copy paper : 4/28/21 Latest Improvements


Can you point me to the fine print? I thought I read something about our use of the designs outside of GF. For example, if I design something for the catalog, if I get accepted in, can I still create the items and sell them in my etsy shop? I’m talking the physical items now, not the files. Thanks!

Replying to myself because u read the attached article that answered my questions. I either missed this the first time I read it or read a different blurb about it that didn’t have this much detail.

I’m looking for some advice on how to secure copy paper while cutting. I started a test and it was looking great, but of course the fans are too powerful for the paper and I couldn’t finish the job because the paper wouldn’t stay put. I can experiment some, but I was hoping there would be some tips available for this new feature! Thanks!

There’s a rather expensive option which is called a Seklema mat (about which a search on here brings up many posts), or if you do a search you can also find where people have made their own version of a tacky mat to use for thin materials. You can tape the corners down to the crumb tray, but that won’t help much if there are many tiny bits and pieces that can be blown around by the fan. It can be a challenge! Best of luck.


Thank you @Xabbess! I came across this item the other day in a forum and wasn’t sure what it was, but - now that I have a direct example of its usage, it make so much more sense now! It is a bit expensive, but - what the hell… ordering one now! Thanks again!

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Tacky spray on a piece of 1/8" wood works great.


Oh! I’ll give that a try, thanks!

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the Seklema mats are pricey but they are so worth it. i mainly use the mats for cutting stencils i sell and a 12x12 mat lasts about 400-500 stencil cuts (200-250 per side) for me, and that is with proper care: spraying the mat with alcohol to wipe out any residue by the laser after every 4 or 5 uses. (i use 2 mats at a time so i can cut stencils continuously, and i keep 2 mats as backup).

i have also tried the DIY route by spraying tacky spray on a piece of wood but i find residue from the tacky spray would transfer to the back of my stencils and the stencils look bad. i sell stencils so they need to look good. (if i’m cutting stencils for my own use to create demo projects, then i use my DIY mat because i don’t care if the back looks ugly.)

the Seklema mats are perfect for cutting paper and cardstock because the mat doesn’t leave any residue on the back and the material is easy to peel off.


Excellent. I ordered a small mat (8x12) to see if it’s what I need. I’ll try the tacky glue route for some testing while I wait for my mat to arrive. I appreciate the tips in regard to caring for the mat!


Have you heard of anyone trying the Rowmark Fat-Mat? It seems like a similar item but a little less expensive, but I’m having trouble with the JPPlus site to verify. (I’ll have to try again another day I guess!)

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Never heard of that one at all. Please report back if you find out more!

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It’s $32.75 for a 12x12 and $70.81 for a 12x24.

It says it’s for engraving and lasering.

I’m kind of nervous about putting anything underneath the material I’m cutting/engraving! lol I’ve been hearing people talk about using a damp paper towel under some materials (like acrylic) to stop flashback and I haven’t tried that either. lol


Damp stops being damp the second the laser hits it, so I’d consider that a fire hazard, myself!


And, besides the actual laser beam heat drying a towel out…there’s also the air assist blowing on it, too…speeding that process up.


@Xabbess @geek2nurse Glad to hear my instincts were on the same path as that of the two of you!


There are uses as I’m certain that it’s been one of the many things tried(surprisingly successfully) as a marking agent.

Quite a few times.

Being as focused as it is, it’s not like putting the paper towel in a dryer. It’s pretty pin point.

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