New Print Head Error Message

Just received a new print head and when I go to print it give me an error message . Print Stopped unable to complete the print an error occurred on your glowforge. Please refresh your browser before printing. It may also help to turn your glowforge off and then on again. I have done this and I still cannot get it to print still comes up with same message. Any Help will be appreciated. Thanks

Have you run the Printer Head Setup tool with the new print head yet?


Thank you. I have followed the link you provided and so far I am up and running.


FYI, if you did not complete the printhead setup on a new printhead then you would not even get to the point where you can encounter this error the person is asking about.

This message is misleading. The error occurring is not actually with your print head. If you read your logs you will see that the printhead goes and shines a red dot and gets a value and then that gets passed up to the servers. If the value is invalid then you basically get back null and that is what is cause the message (so your browser is getting back a bad value). Basically, your material height is actually not in the correct limit or your red light is not hitting the right spot for the measurement or you need to clean the windows on the underside of the printhead. But this issue is not your printhead, it is likely your setup.

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