New print head immediately throwing errors

Hey all,

So I’d posted in the past about my forge not cutting through materials, and after contacting support we figured out that my print head had died, and that I needed to get a new one. I coughed up the nearly $600 bucks to get a new one sent to me, installed it, and tried to print several different designs with the same error every time.

Print stopped: Unable to complete the print
-An error occurred on your glowforge.
please refresh your browser before printing.
it may also be helpful to turn your glowforge
off and then on again.

So I tried this, multiple times to no avail. I double checked the print head connection and it was good. Finally I got the “Print head not found” error once, but was unable to replicate what got me there.

I emailed back support but I’m assuming they won’t be in till Monday. For now I’m sitting here more than a little frustrated because it took me weeks to scrape together the money.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what worked to get your forge going again?

EDIT: I have unplugged the head and plugged it back in again multiple times as well.

Support will often respond on weekends.

Sounds like a ribbon cable (the large grey one) issue to me.


@Josie Just wanted to check in and see if you heard from Support and if you’re back up and running now. Definitely want to make sure your experience with Glowforge is great!

Hey @emilyhuh,

I did hear back from support, and evidently there is a print head setup function i needed to run to calibrate it. This was never mentioned which is frustrating. After doing the setup it has thrown the error once or twice more but overall seems to be working. The most painful part about it is that it wanted a whole sheet of proofgrade in order to run the alignment test on. I’m just frustrated with the whole process. I love my glowforge, but this has been a huge headache. I’m not sure what to do if it continues to throw errors, but I will reach out to support if that happens. I’m about to send my old print head back to y’all per our agreement.



You weren’t sent to the Replace the Printer Head guide? You can use any 12x20" flat material to run alignments on (for the print head or the lid camera), and reuse them as many times as needed by putting new masking on them.

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Hi Josie - I’m so sorry that happened to you and hopefully your Glowforge will behave and not cause my errors for you. Please do reach out to Support if that does happen again and if there is anything else they can do for you. Really appreciate your patience!

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