New Printer Head Required in UK


I have been told by Glowforge support that I require a new printer head.

However, I have now had no communication in the last day and need this to fulfil customer orders.

Is there a UK direct number or live chat so that I can arrange payment (Out of warranty by 1 month) and most importantly get back printing so I don’t disappoint my customers?

Any help greatly appreciated!


Support will most likely only get back to you once they have information to share - specifically in this case, when a head will be available to send. They have to wait to hear back from the company that assembles and refurbishes machines.


Thanks @eflyguy, they advised 5 working days. However, then the communication went cold. Hopefully get something back soon.

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That just seems to be how they operate. I wouldn’t be concerned.

Five days is about how long it takes to send stuff to the UK (my family lives there) - so that might be what they expect once a head is available and you’ve paid. It might mean how long they expect it to take to track one down and get an invoice to you. Nobody here can say - it’s not a standard part. It wasn’t too long ago that the entire machine would have to be shipped back.


They are taking a while to reply. Whenever I reach out to them I always say “if a replacement part is needed then please send me the invoice”. You can always challenge the invoice when you get it but then you can skip them asking you if you want an invoice.

It might take a while for them with your case because they will have to make sure they have extras in stock. Have they already gone over the price and discount if you send back yours?


Thanks @MyDogsThinkImCrazy… New part has arrived. However, this has not fixed the problem and I now await a new prognosis and future solution…

For the sake of being able to advise others with future problems, would you share what your issue was and why a new printer head was suggested?

Thanks @eflyguy … my issue has been that my glowforge has been stuck on the calibration and constant focussing. After following all the guidance on the support pages the team at glowforge advised me to purchase the printer head as they believed that there was a communication issue between the printer head and the machine. However, this does not seem to be the case. I now eagerly await further feedback as we all just want to print …

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Is there absolutely no difference in behavior with the new print head? Or is there a change in behavior but still an issue?

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