New printer head set keeps failing

I got a new printer head and I can’t seem to successfully complete the set up . Help!!

1st - wanna make sure you realize this no longer contacts official support, this is purely Community Support now!

2nd - Is your issue with one of the physical steps - or is something failing during the actual set-up process (step 11 here)


The issue is with the set up . It does not complete and says it was interrupted

Is there a chance your WiFi is blipping out? I know folks sometimes had to use hotspots to complete the camera calibration. Worth a shot?

Yes , I just tested my wifi and everything seems to be working fine with my wifi . Thank you though

Do you have the ability to test for stability, rather than speed? That’s the important bit, which is why I’m asking.

Just because other devices are working on wifi, does not mean the Glowforge can for this process.

My WiFi is rock solid even with devices much further away from, and thru more walls, than my GF. It works fine thru two additional walls and inside my cars, twice as far away (accessing online service manuals, in case you are wondering). My GF has been reliable, no issues whatsoever for 4 years on the same WiFi router EXCEPT it could not complete the camera calibration process - which has similarities to the head setup process. I even bought “signal boosters” and that did not help. I have WiFi analysis software that can map out signal strength in your home, it was as strong at my GF as in the same room as the router. I ended up having to dig out an old WiFi router and run a long cable to get it to work. When the calibration completed, I unplugged everything and went back to my providers WiFi.

So, in short, try your phone as a hotspot. That will at least eliminate the stability of your WiFi from the equation.

Couldn’t use my phone btw - I live in a hole, and my home has brick siding. I miss a lot of calls and mostly the phone uses WiFi calling.

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Hello , thank you for your response. As per my son we go not have the capability for hot spot our phone internet is unlimited he said ?

Thank you

This is what I keep getting

Sorry, if you can’t provide another wifi access point, I don’t have any clue. You’re best bet is to email support.

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