New Proofgrade Settings?

Are we going to get some sort of update on these new Proofgrade settings? What’s the advantage of lower power and slower speed compared to the previous setting?

(Specifically engraving clear acrylic; the job I’m working on is going from under two hours to over three… I had hopes for my machine speeding up over time, not slowing down!)

Here’s a test engrave I did on acrylic. Old settings on the left, new on the right. Depending on what you’re doing, they’re pretty similar. The biggest difference I noted with the acrylic is no visible lines in the engraved portion with the new settings.


Not sure if you saw this:

New vector engrave settings
We’re updating the SD Graphic settings for Draftboard, Plywood, Hardwood, and Acrylic. The new settings are for vector engraves only; bitmap engrave settings will stay the same.

Based on feedback we’ve received, we think these settings are a better compromise between speed and quality, and bring the vector engrave settings more closely into line with the bitmap engrave settings.

These new SD Graphic settings will replace the existing settings. The existing ones will be there for at least a week, and labeled with “(Expiring Soon)”. That way, if you’re in the middle of a project and want to preserve the settings you’re using for later, you can open up the SD Graphic engrave settings and click the “+” sign to save them as a custom setting.


So, a majority of my designs settings (notably speeds) have been changed to slower speeds? I didn’t see where I could save my previous settings… A lot of these have been fine tuned to get the exact desired result I want. Any tips on retrieving my settings? I really don’t want to have to go through like 100 designs and update them all, Especially if I have to go through all the testing stages again on all of them.

Each post in Problems and Support opens a support ticket with Glowforge, and there can only be one customer per ticket. I’d suggest opening a new thread if you want their help with your issue.

You can save custom settings by clicking on the “+” in the settings menu, as shown here:

PG settings will clear themselves between prints once the camera can’t detect the material in your bed, but if you’ve altered the settings in any way (i.e. if there are numbers under the thumbnail rather than the words “cut,” “engrave,” or “score”) they should still be there when you next open that project file.

Thanks all! The change was based on customer feedback and ensuing testing, but I don’t know the details of the advantages that led to the decision.

We are working to speed up your machine (and have in other ways!). Your file sounds like it’s quite a bit slower – I wonder if there’s a way to adjust your file to make it print more quickly? If you’d like us to have a look, will you email the file to, or point us to the time and date of a print?



Proof it’s not a macro!


I fixed it now. Thank you for making me laugh!


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