New Purchase Shipped from Cynergy?

Hey everyone.

I’m a new owner as of today. Purchased my Basic on Tuesday and was quickly delivered today. I was very impressed with the delivery time until I realized that the shipping label stated “Cynergy/Glowforge” as the sender. Cynergy handles warranty repairs and remanufacturing for many consumer tech companies, and I’m assuming that includes Glowforge.

My question: 1) has anyone else received a unit from Cynergy for their initial/new purchase, and 2) am I wrong for being concerned that I likely received a refurbished unit on an almost $3000 product with a 6 month warranty?

A few of us received machines that are basically out of warranty by the time we receive them and paid twice as much.

I don’t really care if someone is upset with the company. No skin off my back. But curious what you mean by out of warranty by the time you receive them? Warranty doesn’t start until it is shipped out the door.



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What is the issue with receiving a refurbished unit vs. a new unit? A refurbished hint with the same warranty and the same parts will work just as well as a new one, has undergone the same testing, except twice, and has had whatever problem that cause it to be returned repaired. This means you have a machine that has its most likely to fail component already replaced, has undergone additional inspection and the company is willing to certify that it is just as good as new. If there is a wear item, such as the laser tube, it is likely that this has been replaced.

I have bought many refurbished units and have never had a problem with any of them, while I have had problems with new products. I have computer speakers that are going on 12 years old that are refurbished. I have a computer monitor that is fifteen years old, Works great, still has an image that is more crisp than some of my newer monitors.

I worked as a 3D printer repair technician and part of my job was refurbishing printers. Based on that, I would much rather have a refurbished unit with the same warranty than a new one.


Did you buy your refurbished items at list price? I wouldn’t.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t accept a refurbished if it was delivered to me, but i wouldn’t be paying list.


It depends on the warranty and cosmetic condition. If the warranty is the same and the cosmetic condition is the same, yes, I pay list. If the warranty is shortened or there is cosmetic damage or missing accessories, no, I pay a discounted price.

I didn’t always think this way; I used to think there was something inherently wrong with a refurbished item, but my experience with them and my experience refurbishing them has changed that thinking and I am much more open to refurbished items now.

I think the OP is a brand new owner – so this should be a brand new machine.


Yes, purchased at list price. Brand new owner.

I have no issue with refurbished electronics and buy them often, but if I’m purchasing for full price with the expectation that I’d receive a new unit, it’s disappointing and borderline fraudulent that a company would think its acceptable to send a refurb.

Again, not 100% sure that its a refurb, but I cannot explain why else it’d ship from Cynergy. There are minor cosmetic flaws that also lead me to believe its not new.

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I get that. I’m not arguing.

I don’t get the internet and why people want to throw things around like that when the company hasn’t even responded yet. If they screwed up and somehow your order got sourced out of a refurb pile - they’ll make it right. If they don’t, feel free to call it fraudulent.

There are probably minor cosmetic flaws associated with nearly every machine, FWIW.


Without any indication other than the shipper that the unit is refurbished I would not be concerned. If there are indications that the unit isn’t new then you should wait for support to reply and report those concerns to support. If there is a problem they will make it right.


I’ve checked and your Glowforge is brand new. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.