New Refurbished Machine

I just got a refurbished machine. It cut in the beginning (for a couple of cuts). Now it won’t cut thru wood thick or thin. I’ve tried many different settings. I’m tired of wasting my wood. I left a message with GF on Friday and haven’t heard back yet. Anything I can try in the meantime? Thanks for your help.

Have you cleaned your optics?


Ill try that… I didn’t even think to do that since it’s pretty brand new but I guess you never know. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to do that now.


didn’t work. I cut one project in the beginning and it worked fine and now it doesn’t. It makes no sense. I’m just trying to cut the honeycomb pins for the GF.

If you think the machine is malfunctioning support will ask you to print the “Gift of Good Measure” (a known file) on proofgrade material (known material) and take pictures of the front and back. They do that to assess the machine’s performance because the file has all the operations the machine can do - cutting, scoring, and engraving.


In addition to the Gift of Good Measure…

You say it worked for a couple cuts and then it didn’t cut thru. Did you notice where on the material your cuts worked the first time? For instance, if the mirror alignment was knocked out during shipping you might get a decent cut on the left side of material but a poor cut or no cut on the right side. Not that you can do anything about it since there is no user adjustment but it might be useful info for Support.


printed it and sent it to GF. Still didn’t cut thru. Still waiting to hear back from GF. Thanks for the suggestion. Already couldn’t cut anything the entire weekend so time is ticking away. I’d like to get this fixed sooner than later. Thanks again.

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My cuts not going thru are all over the place. Some on the left, some on the right, bottom, etc. 1/4 inch maple, 5/32 inch maple, GF Proofgrade Medium Draftboard. Nothing is working at this point. Still waiting to hear back from GF. Thanks for your reply.

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