New replacement Pro won't cut through Medium Draftboard with Gift of Good Measure

Hey, I just unboxed a brand new Pro replacement unit and tried to cut the Gift of Good Measure first and its not cutting all the way through.

Support will probably want you to post photos (front and back) of the failed cut along with the time and date of the print.

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Yeah I ended up on chat with them and sent pics. All looks good. I’m guessing a tube issue. I don’t understand all the tube issues with brand new machines.

The shippers are… not gentle with them. The boxes are good, but sadly damage happens :frowning:

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does it not print at all on the right side of the GF?
I had a brand new unit and that happened, UPS was not gentle


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That isn’t the issue. It won’t cut anywhere.

I don’t really think that’s the issue.

The pic on bottom left is from this machine not cutting through. The top right is one of my basics and it did cut through. See the difference in focus. The one not cutting is a focus issue.

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Yeah, that looks like an upside down lens. But if Support is on it they can check power issues via the logs.


Yeah I wish it had just been an upside down lens lol.

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Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble. I see you’ve emailed us as well, and we’ve just responded over there. I’m going to close out this post so the conversation can continue via email.