New *Thanksgiving* themed video - thoughts?



Cute idea! ROFL!:smiley:

Chuckle! I’m sitting here trying to get the ideas out of my head for how they could continue the “Glowforge to the Rescue” series that I think would make some pretty powerful TV commercials.


Oh ouch! Sorry to hear that! :confounded:


I like it quite a bit. One idea, at the end of the video, have a bunch of other turkey designs of different shapes and different materials next to the one we’ve just seen made.


Cool little video! Nice to see the hand turkey return. Though I must say it is a bit cruel to tease Thanksgiving decorations when shipping starts (hopefully) just afterwards. :cry:


Lol yeah it could be mistaken there…better yet, it could brake off into a toothpick to clean your teeth after eating the pie😛


Was the one on the plate much smaller than the one shown being cut in the GF or am I looking at it wrong?


I don’t think that’s what Aunt May meant when she said “… give me a hand with the dirty plates…” :grin:

Nice video though !:slight_smile:


I think she resized the traced image before printing it :slight_smile:


Depends on who your intended audience is… Glowforge owners? Or non-Glowforge owners?

If it’s non-Glowforge-owners, a sales video, I don’t think it gets a message across. By that I mean it doesn’t do enough to explain what you’re seeing. There are plenty of unanswered questions… Is that wood? Did they just use a printer to print feathers onto that piece of wood? Why did they put the wood on a food plate? Or was I wrong and that’s actually food? No, they said it’s decoration so I guess it really is wood. Do they want to sell me the wood? Are they selling holiday decorations that they printed in that printer? What are they selling? Why do I want one? Where do I get one? When can I get one? When should I buy one?

If it’s Glowforge owners and you’re wishing us a happy Thanksgiving, I appreciate that and thank you for that effort! One slight criticism is the Happy Thanksgiving message itself is slightly obfuscated because it’s very similar in color to the crumbs it’s on top of. So if that was the point of the message, it gets a little lost. Also need to keep in mind that Thanksgiving is solely an American holiday so non-US citizens may think it’s cute, may not care at all, or may be offended that you didn’t bother with their county’s holidays.

Sorry if I’m being too critical!!! Just providing feedback! :slight_smile:


P.S.: No matter what the message, it’s bugging me that the Glowforge logo isn’t crisp and clear at 0:21. I realize that’s how the camera captured it but, as a matter of pride, I’d make the logo clear in editing. Even if it’s only clear for a second.


Cool liking the turkey, maybe a little slower pace ? To see a little more of the cutting?
It also looks like a gingerbread cookie…neh ?


The audio is pretty loud.


Not so critical here. Ran a small video and digital animation business in a former life and the video is pretty decent. Clearly not intended to be a initial product introduction video or provide detailed operations information. Guessing it’s a quick up tempo 30 second clip intended to be one of several or many click here examples within a more inclusive product webpage. The viewer already knows what the product is and the video is intended to stress the simplicity. It’s cheery, short, and is begging the person who clicks on the video to want more info. The Glowforge logo shows up clearly early on and is the last thing the viewer sees. It also shows more subtly on the pen and the flying head. The word Thanksgiving doesn’t pop but is still obvious and that’s OK since the focus is on the product anyway.


It’s sweet


All I can think about is the amount of deliberation that went into choosing that slice of pie at the bakery :grimacing:


You mean that wasn’t a home-baked pie? (I feel betrayed…and kind of hungry.) :slight_smile:


Is this the final draft? Or a test draft? The reason why I asked is that glowforge in the video looks like it has seen better days? (Now, I realized that sounds mean/rude and I apologize. But hear me out). If this is a draft then it’s great. If this is a final- and it suppose to be a cute, happy holiday wishing product commercial. Then using a ‘newer/less mileage unit’ would be best?

Engineer me immediately noticed the chipping off the power coating on the head assembly for example. Then makes me wonder, ‘Hmm is that a common thing? The head assembly makes no contact to anything… How did those even get there…Are those there from head crashes?’ etc… When the actual reason why those are there where due to coating testing on the final build (Or something like that… I hope.).

I realize this is a hypercritical and most people would not have noticed that (Sorry. What has been seen cannot be unseen.) BUT I noticed. Which means other people may have noticed. I pretty sure the image that you guys (Glowforge) wants to convey is- Easy to use, Rapid turnaround and maintenance fee.


This was my thought, too…just made enticingly enough for me to say, ‘whoa…that’s cool…what IS that machine and where can I get one?’[quote=“thomas.alessi.jr, post:29, topic:3453”]
or may be offended that you didn’t bother with their county’s holidays.

Can’t speak for everyone, but I can’t even imagine feeling offended in this way if I was watching a demo of something that featured a certain country’s holiday that was not celebrated in my own country.


The Glowforge is made in the USA…I dont think people will be offended…


You forget the words of the old, wise one…

Agent Kay: A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.


The “Happy Thanksgiving” at the end kinda blends in with the crumbs when watching on a small screen.