New *Thanksgiving* themed video - thoughts?


My inbox and Facebook feed were inundated with 11-11 shopping holiday advertisements this past week. Clearly not a U.S. event/holiday. The country of origin gets a pass.

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Apparently that was Singles Day in China. I have learned another new thing.



Boxing day in Europe is pretty big too…first time I heard it I was thinking Boxing like in a ring with fighting and all…lmao



And in Canada … :slight_smile:



I’m pretty sure you intended that last word to be “free” unless you are suffering from Freudian slips.

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I agree, I had to turn the slider volume to like 2%. Glad I don’t wear headphones :wink:

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Hahahaha, yep @aeva was witness to my baked-goods deliberation. It’s actually a slice of - GASP - lemon pie. I know, I know…



This is great feedback. Thank you!

@rpegg: you got it - also frankly as a warmup video project for the contractor who’s been taking photos for the user manual.



Bailey gets stuck with the old 'forges for her photo shoot because all the new ones are busy. That’s an older head that’s painted; yours will all be anodized like this one. They wear well.



MAKE IT CUT TURKEY SLICES… that is al. :smiley:



I just new it was alibaba’s half off sale. Good to know.

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I know you’re kidding but it’s not a bad idea. Maybe not cutting, but engraved with Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Glowforge! with an engraving of a turkey, or a scene from the idealized first Thanksgiving.

Or if we wanted to use the cutting idea, everybody could be sitting around the table about to eat their amazing Thanksgiving meal and a little kid says “Mom, can you please cut my turkey?” And she says “Of course I can.” and takes her phone, draws some lines, puts the slice of turkey in her Glowforge, and cuts it up into bite-sized pieces. “Here you go!” And then the Dad says “Honey? Ummm… Can you cut mine, too?” She giggles and says “Of course, Dear.” Then the rest of the family says “And me! And me!” And they move from the dinner table to the Glowforge which is now the centerpiece of the holiday. End scene.



Wouldn’t it be like rubbing salt into a wound if the company sent Happy Thanksgiving stuff and it didn’t arrive until January?



I didn’t say it had to be Thanksgiving 2016. :wink:

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I wasn’t kidding. LASER THE TURKEY. :smiley:



I love it as a little teaser. If the timing was better I think you could go all out with the thanksgiving theme and also show cut paper place cards, nice center piece, etc, and then like was suggested, laser a piece of turkey just for the heck of it. Maybe etch " happy thanksgiving from Glowforge!"



To quell the rising tide of turkey cutters…

Laser cut food tastes really, REALLY bad.

There may be a certain setting that can get the cut to come out just right so it is still edible. And maybe only certain foods wind up being horrific. My experience so far is only with Pizza. And on a laser cutter frequently used for woods and plastics previously.

So, if you use the laser cutter exclusively for food, and you have the settings flawlessly dialed in… maybe you can.

But please do not have the first thing you cut go immediately into your mouth (at least smell it first… smells bad means tastes bad)



Its been stated many times that if you are cutting food, you should have a machine dedicated to cutting only food.



Lasered M&Ms (engraved not cut) taste fine :slight_smile: Gave my wife some for her birthday last week.



“Melts in your mouth - not in the bed?”