New to GF can't wait to get it

Hiya, recently bought a GF and waiting for it to come. What are some things I should do first?

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Welcome to the forum.
Read as much as you can here in the forum. You will be well prepared for your Glowforge when it arrives.


Also check out all the excellent tutorials one this post, especially the Matrix content about learning to design near the bottom:
Community Glowforge Tutorials: Table of Contents


Read through this too:

You’ll be particularly interested in the “other things to get for your glowforge” (#1a and 2) sections.


You’ve done the first best thing, which is come to this forum :smiley:

Now read everything you can :smiley:


Read until your eyes hurt. I have dabbled in so many things I never would have some up with on my own and because of that, I’ve come up with a few things on my own! There is so much to learn on here from everyone the possibilities are just about endless. This is my morning paper, I sit down and read all of the new posts every morning to keep up.

Enjoy and never stop learning!


Ditto ditto ditto…read everything. Then, when you get your GF you’ll know where to go to read again because you can’t quite remember :-). And HAVE FUN!!


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