New video! Glowforge Goes Retro

Totally dig this. :slight_smile:
Saw the video on facebook, and must have missed it here until now!

Grown up Bobby Hill can sing!

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Those are great for adding color to smoke bombs :slight_smile:


@bailey thanks for the explanation. I haven’t heard of the oil stick/paint stick. Where do you buy these at? I want to have mine in hand when I get my Glowforge! I think I am making that boombox FIRST! I am guessing since it was designed in-house we will have access to the files? (Oh I hope so)

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I suspect they are these. I used to have a collection of them for stenciling.


@cynd11 thanks for the reply! I will make sure to have on hand. I’m so excited about the Glowforge coming!! I just wish it would be here before the end of June…I’d take mine to MakerFaire!

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@bailey how do you take a pre-existing design in the catalog like this and modify it to fit your phone?

I am guessing I would have to buy the unlimited version so that I can experiment to make it work with mine and my son’s (different style). Thank you for your time…love love love this!

does anyone have any clue how to make this for androids?

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First off, welcome to the forums.
Second, since there is no standard size for Android all I can suggest is for you to take the design philosophy you see in the video and create one that fits your phone and your style. Probably a big bite for a first project but would be a great 4th or 5th.


Hi, and good to ‘see’ you here. Along with @markevans36301 suggestion, check out the Free Designs section and check if anyone has already done it. Also, build something box-like, so you get a feel for what the results are really going to be. (I have an old flip phone, so I can’t advise you with experience–so here’s my inexperienced advice–)

If the only drawback to the existing device is that the phone slot won’t fit your phone, then just modify the original in the GF user interface (GFUI). Use a graphic design program to make a rectangle that will work for your phone, import it into the design page of the GFUI, and set it to Cut. Place it centered on the existing phone slot, and set the original slot to Ignore (or even move it out of the active area; don’t lose it, you might need it someday).

Assuming your new slot is correct, then congratulations! And if it’s not correct, then Congratulations, you now have a starting point and everything goes up from here!

If this isn’t the solution to your problem, then ‘erk’, I’m way off base; my apologies. All I can do is claim ignorance…but hey, it’s still a good solution for somebody! :smiley:

Sorry to be so chatty, but it’s New Years Eve and tonight is my last chance this year to communicate with people. I might as well do it justice. :sparkler: :tada:


Great project and Great video!!!