New video! Valentine's Day <3 <3 <3



Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 11, 2017
Feb 2017 Update

Really excited for intricate paper cuts like this. Thanks, and Happy Valentines Day to all.

Edit: Squeeeeeee!!


I love it! Papercrafting is one of my top 3 uses so I’m pretty anxious to get started. Question: who got the lovely tray presented to them?


Great job! :smile:


Very cool!

I didn’t notice any magnets holding the pieces down and was confused why the outside was cut first and then the “inners”…unless it was just for marking so that viewers could tell what it was from the beginning!

Feb 2017 Update

You can control the order in which things are printed - in practice, we haven’t found it to make a difference.

The contractor operating the camera. :slight_smile: Bailey’s got some part-time help for making these videos. The projects generally have another purpose - the catalog or, in this case, a live newscast we’re doing at ridiculous-o-clock in the morning on valentine’s day with the local news. Look for me on KING & KIRO, looking like I wish I was still in bed. (We love local news broadcasts because we get great job applicants every time one runs!)

Feb 2017 Update

Most excellent. Why are comments disabled, though?


These videos bum me out that I can’t use a Glowforge for Valentine’s Day. It is like saying, hey, look what you might be doing in a year from now. It is a nice video though.


Really nice video and design :+1:


Awesome to see some cuts on paper as that’s one of the uses I have been very excited about. My husband and I don’t do anything for Valentine’s Day, but I may have to make a card next year because this is just so cool.


I love the intricacies’ of the cuts :slight_smile:


I have two responses…like many, oooh cool! Nice video. I want to do that! Ooooh crap! I still don’t have my “3D Laser Printer”. :unamused: - Rich


We found that when we leave them enabled, people ask us questions there. Since we don’t have the bandwidth to add another website to the “places we answer questions”, we decided it was better to turn them off.


Thank you Bailey! :heart:


Fantastic !!! Not a lot to add “comment-wise” - just that I can’t (but I’ll have to!) wait to create my own !!! oh - Hope the GlowForge staff all have a great Valentines Day !!!:two_hearts:


Quick question, since you didn’t have to use magnets (or did I just miss them?) to hold down the paper, was the air assist adjusted, or was the paper heavy enough it just didn’t bother it?


Follow-up to @kennethclapp’s question…

Why was the heart (on the right) cut before the details inside? Seems counter-intuitive as I would think the material would or could move around. I’d cut the entire shape last. Or is my thinking just backwards?


It seems like it comes up as a question for most of the videos they post, which is interesting to me since I have no experience, but they seem to continue to cut the outside before the inside on things regularly despite so many people saying they think it should be the other way around. Dan addressed it a bit above.

I personally will probably make a habit of cutting the outer shape last just in case.


Gooks great! What kind of paper was that? (Brand? Weight?)


That’s my practice. Even if it works most of the time, I know it won’t when I’m doing an important thing like a card for my wife :slight_smile: with the very last piece of suitable stock - then I’m pretty sure it’ll skitter all over the bed and fly up and catch on fire :smile: