New Warranty Machine Not Cutting Through (REQ 366497) Last Thread Closed


Looking for some assistance my last forum thread was closed.

I am on day 10 of being at a stand still business wise and have only been able to make contact with glowforge support twice briefly with none of my replies emails being answered.

I call the support line and wait only to be asked to leave a message or ask for a callback that never comes.

My last contact was them saying they were going to replace the machine and that was 5 days ago with nothing new since then?

Can someone please reply to my ticket.


It’s likely that they don’t have a machine available to ship out - which sucks, but there’s nothing anyone can do about that. They will contact you when they have news, they don’t tend to do so just to touch base. Maybe when they’re a larger company :slight_smile: Opening multiple new tickets (by phone, forum, or email) just slows them down. So for now, you’re going to have to be patient.

If instantaneous CS is going to be that important to you, may I suggest you start looking at lasers from non startup companies? There’s nothing out there quite like the :glowforge:, and certainly none with anything like this forum, at anything like this price point - but there are options with faster CS.


Your reply seems to be implying me as the customer am wrong for expecting too have a timely response of less than 2 weeks to an issue that has my business completely at a standstill.

Glowforge is not a startup company they have been selling machines for over 5 years and are now selling machines in a big box stores “Michael’s”

I don’t think glowforge would appreciate you telling customers to expect less of them in their forums.

I have actually purchased a new machine from another company today becuase I have been unable to get a response on how long I can expect to be offline.

At end of day I just want an update so I can let my customers know what to expect.


But, it was you who said only 5 days ago…which is not 2 weeks. You’re not wrong in your expectations for updates but @deirdrebeth is correct when she says that most often they don’t respond unless they have information to share…which ends up being the same thing as you are having to do with your own customers. We just try to keep customers expectations realistic from knowing for some time now how Glowforge operates.


5 days waiting on a response to my last contact with them this issue has been going on way longer. The machine broken now was a new replacement for a machine that broke on me mid Christmas rush in a sense I have been without a fully functioning machine since December 3rd so you may not be too happy either.

First, I am not defending the company. Just stating facts so you might understand the delay.

  • they don’t ship, stock, repair or assemble anything. Everything is outsourced, and they have switched those providers.
  • there is no warehouse of machines waiting to be sent out.
  • when you need a part or, in this case a replacement machine, they have to contact the outsourcer and wait for a response.
  • they typically do not respond until there is information to share.
  • posting here is no different than sending an email. They don’t browse the forums, it is all driven by a ticketing system - a new post opens a new ticket, which will be in a queue until someone gets to it. This thread will be closed and they will continue working by email “to avoid confusion”.

Again, not defending it. Communication has always been a problem. You were unlucky to have an issue over the holidays when everything was shut down, on top of an already challenging situation due to the pandemic, a change in suppliers, etc.

The folks at GF do care but that’s just how their process functions.

Hope you bought a business-class machine if you expect business-class support. The GF was designed for hobbyists/crafters. That’s why you can buy it at places like Michaels, vs. (say) Rockler.


Hi! Thank you for reaching out! I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.