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I’ve read the previous threads relating to this and followed their instructions to no avail and I’m so frustrated I could scream, which actually I have. I had to change my wifi password but cannot, for the life of me, find how to tell this d----- GF what the new password is. stearnsdebbie and evansd2’s previous answers seemed so simple but the pages to which they referred must have changed because I can’t find “hold the start button part of #4” anywhere on that page and that must be the part I need. Will someone PLEASE tell me what I need to do?


Turn on Glowforge.
Hold down go button until it turns teal.
Go to Glowforge - the 3D laser printer on Chrome (or install phone app they give link to on that page.)
Follow instructions.

Conveniently I did this last week because I changed WiFis :slight_smile:


I tried that, deirdrebeth, but I get this error message because of the new wifi password. Somewhere right in here is where I need to tell the GF what it is. image

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That’s not an error. That’s you connected to the machine, which does not actually have internet. Once you get there the page updates and it tells you to reconnect to your own WiFi by clicking on it and then typing in the password.


The Start button is still glowing teal making me think the process hasn’t completed. But you’re saying it has? I just switched back to my home wifi but the GF didn’t ask for my pw and it’s still teal.

You did not complete the process. You connect to the Glowforge network halfway into it. It is correct for that network to say “no internet”, so don’t stop after seeing that.


Yes! You have to wait for the process to tell you to reconnect to your own WiFi.


And by “wait”, not literally wait, but use the setup program and follow the prompts.


You will need to download a software for use on your PC and the follow the steps. The WiFi card also only supports lower end 2.4 GHz so if youbhave changedbout your router it won’t work

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