New workflow from F360 to Glowforge

Our friends over at Shaper tools have written a plug-in for there Origin tool and it works great for Glowforge. And yes, I have their blessing to post this here.

The color codes are off for the :glowforge: so you will have to reassign what things do from within the GFUI but it is exporting SVG directly so no having to open in Inkscape or AI.

There is no kerf compensation as Shaper handles that on the machine but for things not needing kerf comp or if you are handling it parametrically give it a try.

Just go over to the F360 store from within F360 and search for Shaper.


Bookmarked!! Thank you.


Wow, that could come in handy! Thanks!


For anyone who wants a quick look at how it works…

…this video…


Excellent! I’ll stick it in the Matrix. :grinning:


Awesome, downloaded and installed. Thank you!

(not that I’ve learned anything about F360 so far)! Can see how fabulous this will be though!


Aaaaand Autodesk is so impressed with this that they are already talking about doing a generic version! That would mean being able to get the color coding right!

No timeline on this of course.


Great post. Did you load the Shaper Utility in Windows or Mac OS? I haven’t quite figured out how to get the plug in to work in Fusion using Mac OS.

Sorry, I’m a windows guy. If you have F360 up when running the installer you’ll have to restart. I would think that would be the same but I don’t know as I haven’t touched anything mac in 15 years.

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Restart of Fusion solved it. I’ve never had to install a plug-in before so I wasn’t quite sure how to do it. Also, there is little documentation on the process. Thanks for the quick response.


Hook some stepper motors up to that thing and you would have something…