New Workflow from Fusion 360 to Glowforge


I followed this video and created a reusable box in f360 to dynamically adjust box dimensions (length, width, height) as well as quantity of finger joints per dimension. The video doesn’t show how to build a box with a top, but can simply duplicate the bottom panel to create the top panel.



For anybody suffering with the step between 3D model and the CAM setup, here’s what I’ve been using quite a lot and it works wonders:

Just as an FYI, really :slight_smile:

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That’s my video. I’ve got a whole slew of additional videos that I need to post that I just haven’t had time to complete.



Fantastic box, I’ve been trying hard to learn f360. Self taught a bunch of other applications including photoshop, illustrator, crew, etc. The one thing I’m having trouble wrapping my head around when it comes to what I call “ flat pack” designs (where all sides need to be laid out coplanar) in f360 is what are those sides sides? Are they components each in one assembly? Bodies? Whenever I try to make a simple six sided cube out of six separate bodies, the interface joins them together once I align. Then at that point I can’t figure out how to do finger joints, so I’ve been manually creating them in illustrator. For some designs, this hasn’t been easy to visualize.



You have total control over what joins and what does not.

Whether you have six components or 6 bodies is up to you as well. Get your head around these, and you will start to get better with it.

There is a set of tutorials in the matrix that takes you from zero to making a divided box. Every one of the concepts in it applies to making a poly.

Work through those and if you have any trouble ask and we’ll get you through any rough spots.