New York Maker Faire

The NY Maker Faire is coming up Oct 1st and 2nd. I’m trying to decide whether to go or not. I’m leaning towards going, but I have a few questions.

  1. Has GF committed to going to the NY Maker Faire? I assume they will be there, but I’d rather have it confirmed.
  2. Should I buy my tickets now, or wait? Any chance GF is going to be giving away VIP tickets, like they did with the Bay Area one?
  3. Anyone have any recommendations on where to stay? I’m looking at AirBnB to find a room, but if someone has some better suggestions, I’m all ears (there will be 4 of us: me, my wife and my 2 oldest children, who are 13 and 10).
  4. Who else is going?

I think i remember @dan mentioning that they would be attending the NY Maker Faire.
I’m planning on attending as well so let me know if you guys put together a meetup.

In the post where Dan announced the shipment delay until December, he committed to the Bay Area and NY Maker Faire as well as the mini-Maker Faire in Seattle. I recall posts since where he has reiterated they will be at NY Maker Faire. As far as buying tickets now, or waiting for a chance at free ones, I believe they call that gambling - and knowing would take all the fun out of the gamble.

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Ditto. Not sure which day I’ll head down though. Not a big issue for me being in CT :slight_smile:

When I went last year, my group used AirBnB and stayed here:

The apartment is in Queens, so not ideal if you were hoping to get some NYC site-seeing done at the same time, but I thought the apartment itself was great! Sen, the host, was very nice and personable, the apartment was clean, and I felt very safe in the neighborhood during our entire trip. There are two bedrooms with 2 beds in each, but the couch can become a bed as well.

There is a bit of a walk to get to the closest subway stop (maybe 5-10 minutes if I remember correctly?) but it’s a very easy walk, straight shot following the subway lol. Just around the corner from the apartment is an amazing coffee shop, the Aubergine Cafe, which we went to every morning for breakfast.


hoping hoping hoping

I will attend. Hopefully bringing along a few teachers from my son’s Charter School.

Jimmy DiResta has an Air BnB somewhere “upstate New York” that you could use if you are also renting a car and want to hang out with an awesome Maker while you are out there. It is listed under his significant other “Taylor” though.

Myself… I haven’t booked anything yet. I bought tickets to the Bay Area after the freebies were announced, but before it was finished… wound up wasting money there. But absolutely did not regret it.

This time I will not be attending with family, so I can and WILL make it to every meet up everyone arranges :stuck_out_tongue:


We will be there! No plans on ticket giveaways yet I’m afraid.


The prices rise this week BTW (on 8/1) by $20 (I realize for those not in NYC that is a small sum, compared to travel and hotel in NYC, but depending on group size it adds up…)


Thanks for letting me know. You probably just saved me $80 :slight_smile:


Or, if you want to attend on Friday as well as the weekend, you can pay $1,250 (instead of $55 for just the weekend).

Bay Area had a pre-day for half of Friday. It was cool.

But I feel it is likely not $1,200 cool.


When I saw those “booster” tickets my eyes did the looney toons eye-popping-on-springs thing… Yep, definitely boosting their profit margin on those!

Whoa, almost forgot prices were going up. Getting some Saturday passes!

Here is an idea. How about little GlowForge stickers we can stick on our passes so we can identify each other as we wander around. Might be nice to bump into others from the forums IRL (and if folks don’t want to be identified IRL then they just don’t ask for a sticker). We could just pick them up at the booth? Maybe laser cut a GF logo into a green 1/2" round dot sticker?


cool idea! I’m game.

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I just bought our tickets. My kids are really excited.

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My wife is mildly interested & currently humoring me :grinning: She’ll be amazed when we get there - I’ve been before and it’s incredible.

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We had a secret stash of laser-cut and -engraved maple veneer stickers we gave out to backers at the last Maker Faire until we ran out. Unfortunately that was pretty fast! I’ll see if we can do anything this time.


The Maple stickers were awesome. But felt too “precious” to slap on a badge or clothing article for identification at the Faire.

If you guys belted out some sort of lanyard + badge setup, or even a tiara (hell, I’d wear anything for a chance to randomly encounter forum dwellers), then it would not be consumed and would be visible.

Heck, if you have a screen printer in the area who owes you a favor, and could have a stock of T-shirts that forum members could buy at a reasonable price…