Hello. iam new to laser world and even to group… been reading … watching gf for quite sometime now until my machine just seating for almost a year as the operator always get logs… lol… scared/intimated with the machine but definitely someday it will give me confidence and motivation to see what a magical an produce this machine. I wonder is there anyone in the group nearby Niagarafalls and maybe watch you operate the machine… perhaps it will give me more confidence to start my own​:smile:…please no judgement… i have already judge myself millions times reason i cannot start on my own​:sweat_smile::joy::rofl:TY so much for the support.


Welcome to the forum.

I don’t live near you or I would help in person. You can do this! I suggest you perform the Glowforge tutorials to get started. If you want some good video instructions, check out Glowforge 101 – Big Blue Laser Designs

We can help you once you get started.


Ditto not in Niagara Falls, but I’d be happy to do a video call and show you a simple project start to finish.

Before you get into that, go walk through the First Prints. It does a great job introducing you to everything needed :slight_smile: I knew nothing about lasers, or designing vectors 7 years ago!


Thank you so much!!! will do… once build my confidence :grimacing:


You can do it! When I got mine I had zero experience with a laser or svgs, etc. I was intimidated as well but you’ve just got to get in there. As @deirdrebeth said, working through those first prints is so important and lets you gain a little confidence too!!


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