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Hello, newbie here. I have just set up my Glowforge and it’s connected to the WiFi and I have tried several times to create my first piece however it sticks on “scanning” with the icon continuously circling and then I just get an error message. I have switch it off, re-set the WiFi several times, tried different designs to cut and nothing seems to work. Am I doing something obviously wrong or do I just need to send this back and get a different brand!

I’m pretty new here too, and if you have the same problem I did, all around the glass where your camera is mounted in the middle, are little connections, and there’s a cable going from the left side of the glass to the middle of the glass connecting the camera.
Make sure all the cable connections are tight and didn’t come loose and if that doesn’t work you’ll have to talk to Glowforge during Customer hours tomorrow.

As for the machine, I’ve had a Glowforge Pro for a few months and I like mine,

But the best thing ever is everybody here is so supportive and has great answers for you. It’s just a feeling of security like having a bunch of mentors for everything so I would suggest get it up and running and try it for a bit. See if you like it.


Welcome to the forum.

Do you get this scanning error while the machine is going through its initial preparation - focusing, centering, scanning? Or do you get this message after you have opened a design in the interface and are trying to print?


Thanks so much for your responses.
I seem to have got it working now. I had a fiddle with the connections. The error message is coming up periodically still when I’m in the design app but it is actually cutting eventually.
I’m not sure Im using the correct settings to cut/engrave but hey ho it’s all a bit trial and error at the mo!

Also how easy is it to design in procreate and create a design? I do a lot of artwork on procreate and just wondering if I can incorporate some of my designs onto wood/leather?

Also is it ok to use any real leather and not just the prograde?

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Procreate does not produce vectors, so whatever you create in Procreate will only be engraveable. You will need to modify your Procreate files to produce lines that can be scored and cut.


Vegtan yes, chrome tan you have to make a personal judgement call. It won’t corrode your laser or your lungs the way PVC would, but people have mixed feelings on whether it creates dangerous fumes or not.


Hello again, thanks so much for your responses, it’s such a great help!
So I’ve been making a few things but now my camera has stopped working. Once I upload my design, the screen is just black. The design is at the side as usually but it’s not appearing on the screen to place it and size it, just a black screen. Any ideas? I’ve tried reloading, lifted the lid, checked wires and there doesn’t appear to be anything obviously wrong.

Also I want to use some wood that is thicker than 3mm, any suggestions? And what cutting settings would I use?

Got it working now… not sure what is what was bits it’s working.

So just some advise on a thicker wood please? Something just a bit thicker than 3mm

Depending on how much thicker, there are Proofgrade settings for 1/4" (6mm) woods. For all non Proofgrade material, it is best practice to conduct tests to determine your best settings.


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