Newbie Realtor question

Hi Glowforge Family! I just got my GF+ and am super excited! I am a Realtor and want to use this magical machine to create some gifts for my clients. Any other realtors out there that are using it at a high level or any ideas, suggestions…what would you like your realtor to give you as a closing gift, beyond the standard etched cutting board & knife…TIA

Welcome :slight_smile:

You’ll be shocked at how powerful the search function on here is:


Never used a realtor since I have never lived anywhere except family land, but guessing 1% off the closing costs would be great. :rofl:

(Easiest thing might be a personalized key chain)


Previously, in closing gifts:

This one in particular is just what you were looking for:

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Thanks much!

House numbers for their new home.

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Personalize a wooden kitchen item with a family name or welcoming phrase? Consider wooden spoon handles, cutting boards, serving trays.

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