Newbie, trying to create the Oceanic Shell Paper Lantern Help please

HI, I’m a newbie and wanting to make the Oceanic Shell Paper Lantern. The pattern in the catalog didn’t come with settings or instructions for cutting the lantern shade out of cardstock. I have no clue how to set this up or what else I may need to do or what weight cardstock works best. I do not want to set anything on fire, but I love the idea of making these. Any and all help is gratefully appreciated.

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I use 110# cardstock (all I have on hand). The settings for cutting are Speed 500, Power 65, 1 pass. I have not made the lanterns, but have used the cardstock for jewelry tags, labels, test pieces, etc. I know cardstock comes in different weights. If you know what weight yours is, just do a search for “cardstock settings” here in the forum and I’m sure you’ll find an answer for you cardstock weight.


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I believe that the paper lanterns are designed for regular copy paper. If you want to try that, the settings are in the material drop down menu under 20# copy paper. When this cuts, the little bits will fly around inside the machine so you have to watch that they don’t block the laser beam and catch fire.

Also, here is a post with lots of information regarding cardstock: Somewhat Comprehensive Testing of Settings for Cutting Paper and Cardstock


thank you - I have 65# cardstock and 20# copier paper - I will search for cardstock settings.

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thank you I do have 20# copy paper so I will try that first and thank you for the warning to watch for flying paper pieces.

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