Newbie with File Issues - Sugar Monster

Hi all! Just got my GF in and am so excited putting to put it to use! I tried the sugar monster file from the catalog, but unfortunately, it’s not recognizing some of the cut lines. You can see the app is indicating “no artwork” in the top right corner. (see picture)

What’s the best way to force the forge to see and cut those lines? Should I take it into Illustrator and create a new file?

Thanks for the tips! Being so new to GF and laser cutting in general, I don’t really know where to begin… I’ve waited for this so long, I don’t want to break anything!

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Ahhh, those might extend too far down at the bottom of the file and they are falling into the no-cut zone. (They gray out when that happens.)

You have some more space at the top, you probably would have needed to shift everything up just about a quarter of an inch so that everything fell on the cutting area of the board. When you select something that is close to an edge, these gray striped bars will pop up in the no-cut zones. If you nudge the grayed out shapes by selecting them and using the arrow keys, when they clear the no-cut zone, the lines will turn red instead of gray.

Give that a try and see if it makes those cuttable - unfortunately given the tight clearance, you might want to use another sheet of material to cut the rest of the panels.

(And there’s a tutorial on using the interface that might help you get up to speed a little quicker…I’ll link it below.)


Worked like a charm! Thanks so much for the help. I didn’t even notice the gray striped bars before.

I’ll read the interface document right now.


Thanks @Jules.

@juliedboynton I’m glad it’s been solved. Please let us know if you run into anything else.

Happy printing!