Nhf tag

What does the nhf tag mean? I see @dwardio added it to my question here: Overseas warranty clarification

That’s been popping up everywhere, including a number of my own posts.


There appear to be 24 topics tagged with it. Clicking on the NHF in any of them provides the list. My guess at the moment is a personal indexing system of topics with questions where he’d like to see the answer.

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I’m not sure, but he said:

In response to:

I just figured he’s a Star Wars fan and it’s a reference to a nerf herder, but I couldnt figure out how it relates to the subject and laziness prevents me from asking.


NHF like no hard feelings? TBH, IDK. Lol. SRY.

My brain is full of of useless.

Perhaps No Horses Flogged from the original context but not sure why it would apply to my question.

What I wanted was clarification to the grey areas where a machine is delivered and looks OK but after some time it becomes apparent it is faulty like a skewed belt path. etc. I.e. not shipping damage but an unnoticed manufacturing fault. Or shipping damage that isn’t obvious at first for example when a tube explodes while running? As usual the thread was closed too soon. Perhaps @Dan_H or @dan can clarify here.

It seems to me that failure rate is too high to risk $1000. If anybody does get an overseas delivery I would advise them to do a thorough test on day one. Things like engraving in all four extreme corners to check the head does not collide, the alignment is not more than 1/4" out, the belts are parallel and the gantry is square, etc. Still the tube could explode a few days later or the machine stop lasing, as quite a few do, or start refusing to calibrate.


There should be a badge for passive-aggressiveness. #nhf