No artwork issue, just started about 10 minutes ago

So I have been working on the GF since about 2 am and everything has been running fine UNTIL about 10 minutes ago…now all of the sudden no matter what file i open (including ones I have already cut) it says “no artwork” . It loads the artwork, even shows the artwork (yes it is within the cut boundaries) but will not allow me to do anything else- as the right hand side next to print says “no artwork” . I have more to say but its all rude so I deleted it and rewrote it and deleted it again. Why can’t Glowforge get its act together? It’s an awful expensive piece of machinery to rely on a subpar “app” to function… and while I’m at it… WHY does the afore mentioned, poorly functioning, ridiculously named app NOT have an ungroup function!!! Yes, all of my steps are a different color, yes they are saved in a compatible SVG format, yes I have them spaced out (A LOT), yes I know what I’m doing yes…yes… and yes. And yes, this really is the more polite rewrite…

The other thing that causes the “no artwork” to appear is if no settings have been chosen (if you are using non Proofgrade). You must choose settings for at least one operation on the left column in order for the “no artwork” to go away.


Perhaps you could share a screenshot of the interface so we can see the operations as well as the artwork on the bed.

I am glad you decided not to share your first draft as you said it was all rude. There are lots of helpful people here in the forum, but most don’t respond well to rude. Some of us believe Glowforge does have its act together and have watched the “app” evolve significantly into something pretty user friendly.


I’m so sorry to hear that you’re running into this snag!

I’m afraid we’ll need more information to investigate further.

If possible, could you please send me a screenshot of what you see in the Glowforge app when this happens? Make sure to include the rulers in your screenshot and show as much of the bed as possible

To take a screenshot:

Mac: Press Shift-Command-4 and click and drag a box around your image. You’ll find the screenshot file saved on your desktop.
Windows: Click on the Start Menu and type “snipping tool”. Open the Snipping Tool > New then click and drag a box around your image. Click the Save icon and name and save your file.

Send us the screenshot, and we’ll be happy to take a look.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email