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I have uploaded an SVG document that I designed from silhouette Business Edition and it allows me to upload the document however it only shows up on the left-hand side panel, it doesn’t show up in the cut area and it says “no artwork”. I am utilizing proof grade material and it’s already selected so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m relatively new to all this, someone please help.

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If the SVG is not in the “print area” it will not be counted as artwork. Drag the image into the area, and as long as it is in the bounds, it should count it.


Bill, its not showing up at all in the print area though.

Oh, I thought it was showing up to the left, but now I see you mean in the order of operations.

If you mouse over it on the left, does it highlight anything on the print area?

EDIT: If you feel comfortable sharing the file, I can look at it and/or try it for you?

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Zoom all the way out and you will find it off to the side somewhere. Drag it in and you’re golden.


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Is the file all text? Can you try saving as a pdf and uploading that? Have you tried moving your material to the lower right corner of the bed so that you get a more complete image of the usable area?

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You will not be able to do anything with it without selecting it. If you use CTL>A it will select all the work that is loaded, and make it easier to see. In the Glowforge 0,0 is in the upper left-hand corner. If 0,0 is in the lower right-hand corner in your software, then you will find your design where you would expect relative to 0,0.


Two possible solutions.

First, make your design program work sheet 20x12. If you place your design at 10 and 6 before saving it will always show in the middle of the workspace in the Glowforge UI.

I have seen art hidden if outside the workable area, as mentioned. But I have also seen ‘no artwork’ declared if the UI does not know the material used. Simple fix, go to the upper left and select a resource. See if that opens up your function option list. (yours was selected, so not an issue this go round)

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depending on the source of the SVG you could have some random shape far outside of what you “think” is the design.

load the svg in inkscape or some other program and zoom out, do a select all and see if something is selected apart from your main image


Not having material or thickness selected catches me out now and then as I rarely use Proofgrade, or if I do, I usually put it in sticker-side down - but as stated that wasn’t the case here.

Being outside the print area is pretty obvious since they changed the color schemes. Place a small design on the workspace and move it off the edge, see how it changes.

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