No Artwork Plus Unexpected Error, Woohoo!


I’m getting the “unexpected error” useless message when I try to upload a pretty simple design. I successfully loaded one image prior, but now when I go to print, the design does not show up and I’m getting the “no artwork” message. I have reviewed the posts by other folks who’ve experienced the same problem, but none of those tips or tricks have worked. I don’t understand how such an essential function just suddenly doesn’t work. -- Glowforge, arrrgghhhh! --

If you give us a little more to work with, we might be able to help. “No artwork” can mean you haven’t entered your material height, or that your design isn’t located on the workspace when you upload it, because it wasn’t placed inside the “page” area in your design program, or it could mean it’s too large to fit into the working area of the Glowforge. If you upload the file you’re working with, we could take a look to see what the problem is. :slight_smile:

Hi! Thanks for your reply - it suddenly decided it would upload the same files I’ve been trying to upload for the last eternity, lol. I’m not sure why because I didn’t really change anything other than duplicating the original under different names to see if it was something to do with the file itself.

I am using proofgrade material, restarted everything, logged out and in, wasn’t using a crazy file size (in fact it’s pretty small), swapped the material out…le sigh…

So weird.

There are several places that could cause that error. Some unknown bit outside the work area not even big enough for a pixel can be extremely frustrating to find, but will give a “no artwork” error if attached to the main work, Similar glitches can give the “unexpected error” message. In both cases it is the piece being loaded and not the GFUI .

You are not saying the source program , or the modifying program, or providing a copy of the SVC file for folk to troubleshoot so that the error can be identified. I understand if you do not want to share your work, but I doubt most would want to use what they need to fix.


I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!