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I have been a GF owner for 2 1/2 years and I’m frustrated beyond belief. I do have a ticket open for the this (285020) but have not heard a word from support in 3 days. My Original GF pro Failed after 2 years. Due to some major snafus at Glowforge with a newly Remanufactured GF Pro being not available, I was upgraded to a Brand New GF Pro from the factory that I paid for with a major discount that I was very appreciative of. This is a sentence directly from the email when they decided to upgrade me to a brand new factory GF Pro: “I’ve received permission to upgrade your replacement to a brand new Pro straight from the factory, and I’ve changed your shipping speed to our fastest available”. There is no mention in this email from GF that the warranty would be anything less than the full year. So, the issue. After 5 months my Brand New From The Factory GF Pro quit cutting and needs to be replaced. They keep bringing up my original GF Pro and not this 5 month old Pro. Since I paid for this new Pro, I am assuming that it comes with a full 1 year warranty. They replaced the Right side pully under the carriage about 2 months ago under warranty. I cannot get a straight answer from GF about this. I have sent serial number, Shipping label off GF Box and invoice showing what I paid. I am just trying to get a solid answer from GF so that my wife and I can make a decision and get our little Mom & Pop back up and running. I have jobs to do and just got a contract from our local university. I just don’t understand why GF is ignoring me. I know I’m just one fish in the sea, but we all deserve the same type of support. I hate that they don’t have phone support for matters like this where your just trying to get a definitive answer so you can make a business decision. I’m not trying to get something for nothing, just want a definitive answer so we can make a decision.
I’ve attached photos of the labels off the GF box and invoice.
Please help, Bob![


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Generally when you purchase a unit the warranty only covers the original span from the time you purchased the unit to the expiration. A replacement under warranty DOES NOT extend the warranty. You only get a warranty if you buy a unit new. There are exceptions, but do not assume your replacement unit was covered under the original warranty.

GF isn’t ignoring you. They may not have an answer for you, or you may have missed their email. You should have received an immediate automated response once you emailed them. If you have not, you need to check your spam folders or other places that an email may have been routed.

This has also opened a new ticket with Support, so they will contact you either here or via email as appropriate, but opening duplicate support tickets slows their response, so you should just stick to one for the fastest response.


Also this is a public forum (no sign-in required to read) - you probably don’t want to show your full address to a world with spammers.

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Thank you, I know better, just not thinking straight. Couldn’t have happened at a worst tine. Our venues are now opening and hopefully make up some lost income due to Covid. Anywys, it will workout one way or another.

Thanks so much for posting! I see that we’ve been corresponding this morning with you on your open support request, so I’m going to continue there and close this topic.