No Crumb Tray set up jig

New jig is much more accurate then my first.

After zeroing out at 1.367
So I would put in the GFUI material Thickness is .34

Jig no Crumb Tray.pdf (5.6 KB)

sorry about the old computer desk.

Big thanks to Nathan P for doing the math on his post. Cutting Without the Crumb Tray - The NO MATH Edition


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(Cutting Without the Crumb Tray - The NO MATH Edition)


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Outstanding! Thank you!

Sweet! Thank you!

No problem.

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Thanks for this handy gauge!

You’re the best!

This is awesome! Thanks so much!!

i am so new. so basically your material can go to the max taking into account the area for the crumb tray area?

You can have material up to about 0.5" thick on the crumb tray, or about 1.9" thick if you take the crumb tray out.


Now that really simplified it, thank you

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ABSOLUTELY LOVE this!!! Thank you so much for making it so easy to figure out now!! My husband and I had an issue with height the other day, after some trial and error we got it but this would have been a lifesaver!!! Thank you so much for sharing it!! :smiley:

Perfect! I’m a NO math kind of girl, lol. Thank you for the share

Thank you!

Very nice and thank you.

I’m a little confused. Text on the jig says 1.367" and the dial indicator shows about 1.673". Are they supposed to be the same? Just askin…

Not sure what dial you’re looking at but the one in the 2nd pic above reads almost exactly 1.367.

Yep, sorry…read that one wrong.

You did a great job and I was going to make one anyway. No longer have to scratch my head over the measurements.

Thanks! I cut a lot of very tiny pieces that slip thru the tray , then I have to try and dig them out. I’m old and ill and that tray is heavy!I’d been wondering if window screen might work but this is worth a try.