No draftboard available?

This seems like a big problem, since this is what support asks people to test things on.


Yep, unfortunately out of stock

Only if a) you’ve had other problems and used up the PF DB they included with your unit or you used that one for something else thinking you’d replace it with one bought from the store :slight_smile:

I still have the one they sent. Just in case and in case it’s something that’s special (like the “steel wool” that used to be featured in the Lenscrafters commercials but turned out to be a soft non-steel metal).

i mean… sure? but people use draftboard for projects all the time. so it’s easily possible someone could use what they had expecting to be able to restock it if they need to run tests for issues. and if that’s what they’re going to ask people to use for testing, it’s a bad thing when they don’t have it in stock.

I just don’t understand why they can’t ask the manufacturer of the draftboard when they’ll be able to get it again. I’ve emailed support asking about this and they haven’t responded.

Considering that they’re getting close to shipping the air filter and draftboard can’t be used with the air filter I wonder if they’re coming up with a replacement draftboard that won’t gum up the filters and that’s why they’re not renewing inventory on the old stuff.

If so then the proofgrade plywoods (which have draftboard under the veneer) will be soon to follow.

I’d love to know the facts though, so we can all plan accordingly!

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It is a hassle, I’ve been able to find some matching (or kinda similar) DB at local hobby stores. Price was comparable.

i doubt there is such a thing. draftboard is essentially MDF. MDF is wood fibers with wax and resin. maybe they could find one w/a less obnoxious wax/resin mix for filters, but we’re talking about small amount of change, nothing significant. wax/resin burning is going to create smoke and particulate.


Yep, I’ve never met an MDF that didn’t make a mess - and not just with lasers :slight_smile: By its nature it’s effectively just wood dust.

I’m so sorry, but we’ve run out! Please keep an eye on for when it’s back in stock.