No Draftboard?

I went to go order more material from GF for my business and noticed that there is no Draftboard. Not that it isn’t available, it just isn’t on the shop anymore. Is it discontinued or just out of stock? Seemingly, if it were just out of stock they would still have the listing, but just labeled “out of stock.” Anyone know?

It is out of stock and has been for some time. Lots of people have so noted.

I’ve seen in other threads that they may be discontinuing it because of the inability to use it with the air filter. When I emailed, I got the same response as the webpage states…keep checking back. I’m a bit frustrated as I use the draftboard a LOT for my business, too. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations of where else we could purchase a similar product? MDF from Inventables?

I have been using MDF from Home Depot or Lowes. It works fine for the prototypes i make…

I think that may be pure speculation. That makes no sense, since not everyone needs to use a filter, but vents to the outside like I do. In fact, I’m ‘speculating’ that there’s a larger percentage of people who vent to the outside than people who need a filter. They’ve been out of other things occasionally, too…sometimes for a long time, but eventually they get it back in stock. Black acrylic and glass green acrylic were also out of stock for quite a while, but are now back.


Their store software doesn’t do that. They remove items until they’re back in stock and then they show up again.


I have to think it’s a choice, not the software. I mean, who would make sales software that, basically, tells customers “We don’t sell that at all” versus “We absolutely sell this, we’re just out at the moment.”

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Unfortunately, we’ve run out. Please keep an eye at for when it’s back in stock.